Hello Everybody. My name is Connie. I’m 16 years old. I love Pokemon ❤ I have long red hair, olive skin, wear glasses, collect anything to do with Pokémon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Sonic and other Nintendo Merch. I am very passionate about games in general. Chess, traditional and collectible card games, sports which I see as games too, Obviously video games which I like both PC and Console. I love Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards although I do prefer the latter. My favourite Trading Card Video Game is Digimon Digital Card Battle for the original PlayStation though. I enjoy smoking cigarettes a lot but I’m not addicted because I have good self control (I find weed to be overrated) My favorite singer is Billie Eilish because she is actually good unlike the vast majority of the incepid drivel that’s produced to day - I’m more of a 1980’s girl myself. I dunno what else to say, Paki (BAN ME PLEASE) Chink Spic Heeb - death to the west! Vegans are pussies, men are stronger than women, Black Lives Matter Is a scam ran by entitled blacks youths and their white cuckolds. There is only 2 genders. Cyber bullying isn’t real. George Orwell was a fucking prophet when he wrote the dystopian 1984 back in 1948. Anything else? Oh Yh - Fun Fact: I’m Emile’s little sister
Southport, Merseyside, North-West England, UK
Real Name
Connie Ramos
Professional Smoker, Collector of lots of merchandise and shits me (BAN ME PLEASE)s and ting bwab
Favorite Pokémon
(Primal) Groudo
My Characteristic
Often dozes off
3DS Friend Code
3068 1350 3191
Switch Friend Code
Can’t be arsed getting out of my bed and getting it