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  1. The Counter Game

    @ Suicune Vaporeon @ Leftovers Bold @ 252 Defense/ 252 HP/ 6 Spec Attack Roar Surf Hidden Power Electric Wish
  2. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 9

    Nevermind, I have found the answer to my own question!
  3. Deoxys - E : Broadening of the metagame?

    It is my experience that Deoxys - S is outdone by playing your moves wisely. There are things that can own it pretty hard, its not like it is invincible. And honestly, it has no place is ubers as it is outclassed by everything. To strong for OU? Not in my opinion, but I suppose that is...
  4. A war story with little gifs

    If you could make one of those little animations with a Mudkip that would be totally sick! Of course Id be willing to give you something in exchange, if youd like. And nice warstory btw =P
  5. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 9

    @ Blu To get the TM explosion you must get enough coins and go to the building next to the game corbner. You may buy the TM in coins there. It is much faster to fight the Elite 4 and get money to buy the coins than it is to try and win your coins in the games.
  6. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 9

    @ Mastadi I would say another wall because so far I see 4/6 of your team is offensive or sleep support. Simply looking at your team I see a TTar weakness, it can hit everything for SE with common moves used on it (Earthquake, Focus Punch, Stone edge, Crunch). Something that comes to mind...
  7. Eon Tournament Round 1

    I have yet to hear any information from my opponent either. I will PM him again but otherwise know that its not my fault we have not battled yet = (
  8. When Baton Pass meets stupidity... *Warstory*

    I would like this more if your win wasnt extremely lucky hax. You did manage to organize and explain this pretty decently but seriously...hax saved you lol.
  9. Eon Tournament Round 1

    I still havent heard a thing from my opponent, I Pmmed him.
  10. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 9

    Is it possible to legitly get Close Combat and Flail on a Pinsir? I was fairly certain that it could only have one of Close Combat/Flail/Quick Attack but I would really appreciate if some could let me know.
  11. The Counter Game

    @ Heracross Gliscor @ Leftovers Impish Max HP and Defense Aerial Ace Roost EQ Ice Fang
  12. Eon Tournament Round 1

    Ive Pmmed my opponent, yet to get a reply.
  13. Could a T-Tar wall work?

    I dont think so, quite simply because it has too many comon weaknesses to do anything particularly well except offense.
  14. The Counter Game

    @ Houndoom Kingdra @ Life Orb Swift Swim Modest 252 Sp Atl/ 252 Speed/ 6 HP Rain Dance Surf Ice Beam Hiden Power Electric Takes lol damage from Flamethrower with a 4x resist, and an unstabbed neutral HP wont do much. Kingdra can OHKO Houndoom with surf.
  15. Eon Tournament Round 1

    I pmmed Orwell. Everyone seems to think Im going to be owned. =( I better get to practicing.