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    CAP 29 - Part 12 - Pokedex Submissions

    Final Submission Chromera, the Masterpiece Pokémon Sword: The first Chromera is believed to have been born 45,000 years ago. This is in line with when humans first created paintings with their hands as stencils. Shield: It will ruthlessly destroy forged and false artwork. An artist was once...
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    CAP 29 - Name Poll 1

    Portfoleo Purrealism Salvacore Kuraion Leonarto
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    CAP 29 - Prevo # Poll

    Two None This is either a mythical, or a legend, and ngl I can’t see any space in between.
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    CAP 29 - Art Poll 4

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    CAP 29 - Art Poll 3

    Mos-Quitoxe House_of_Radiance Meliiow Pipotchi Golurkyourself Gravity Monkey
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    CAP 29 - Art Poll 2

    Mos-Quitoxe House_of_Radiance Meliiow Pipotchi Pinesmoke Golurkyourself Quotidian Gravity Monkey Amamama Yokaiju
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    CAP 29 - Art Poll 2

    Massive congratulations to those who made it this far, and commisserations to those who didn't - and thank you to every artist for the incredible designs we got to choose from. And now welcome... to Art Poll 2! CAP 29 So Far Topic Leadership Team: Topic Leader: Birkal Typing Stage Leader...
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    CAP 29 - Art Poll 1

    CAP 29 - Art Poll 1 # APPROVAL VOTING # Ballots: 138 Approvals: 1608 ————————————————————————————————————————————— RUNDOWN ————————————————————————————————————————————— 1. Gravity Monkey (76) 2. Pipotchi (73) 3. Golurkyourself (64) 4. Yokaiju (62) 5. Meliiow (59)...
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    CAP 29 - Art Poll 1

    Meliiow Zephyri Pipotchi Z-nogyroP Golurkyourself Yilx Quotidian House_of_Radiance KoA Amamama inkbug Morghulis paintseagull StarGirl686 Pinesmoke BlorengeRhymes Modedit: Fixing spelling of "Quotidian".
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    CAP29 - Part 9 - Stat Playtesting Discussion

    CAP29 So Far Previous Thread ----- In order to help us understand the way different stat spreads will play once we're live, for CAP29 we're introducing a Stat Playtesting Discussion. This thread is to share logs and replays from test matches, as well as feedback on the different stats, so that...
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    CAP 29 - Part 9 - Stat Spread Submissions

    CAP29 So Far Previous Thread ----- Hey, welcome to Stat Submissions! This stage will be led by our Stats Leader, 2spoopy4u In this thread, you may post work-in-progress and final stat spreads for the community and the TLT's consideration, and make comments on other peoples' submissions. The...
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    CAP 29 - Part 6 - Defining Moves Poll

    Make Only Quiver Dance Required
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    CAP 29 - Part 4 - Typing Discussion

    I want to echo what Amamama said with regards to making sure we thing beyond just "We turn a weakness into a resistance", and instead look at the power level of the Super Effective moves we're intending a certain type to switch into (aka: note that Question 6 from Quziel exists). Perhaps I'll...
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    CAP 29 - Part 3 - Concept Assessment 2

    This discussion reminds me of Equilibra's Flash Cannon debate - do we include Flash Cannon (when clearly "that'd be used over Doom Desire"), or not? Which better fulfils the concept? My stance at the time was that the risk wasn't actually a problem (and anyone who says Equilibra didn't fulfil...
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    CAP 29 - Part 2 - Primary Ability Discussion

    ModNote: Please keep discussion focussed on the Metagame we're developing for, rather than a non-existant CAP Doubles format which we do not build for. Cheers :-) --- I'm focussing my post primarily on Slow Start, as it's the ability I've been considering the most - and I think there's some...