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  1. A ton of free NA Marshadow Codes! [Completed]

    I'd like a code please. Thank you!
  2. To Rome with Love [Completed]

    #390. Christian's Chimchar ( OT: CHRIS - ID: 09881 Naive - Blaze 31 | 30 | 30 | 31 | 31 | 31 HP Ice Fake Out | Encore | Counter | Blaze Kick Deposited: Rattata - Lvl 11 Message: Please trade pokemon with me. Thanks in advance! IGN: Doobzi Thanks :D
  3. NA Salazzle Event Code Drop

    Thanks I've taken 31!
  4. Special Season 6: BSS UU!

    All 3 get pretty much walled by skarmory. Plus they all lose to sash infernape. Honestly, their presence isn't all that harsh to the meta. I find other stuff more threatening. Stuff like thundi-t and Dragonite.
  5. Entralink Hoenn Starters

    IGN: Doobzi Deposited: Level 2 female Zigzagoon Requesting: Nest Ball Treecko Thank you sirrrr
  6. Community Create-a-Team 2: M-Lopunny + Lando-T

    TFA's Bulky Mago Lando-T Wanted another Mega-salamence and mimikyu check cause they are everywhere and it's nice having something with rocks cause bulu/tran/cress is going to be forcing a lot of switches. I'd personally put hp ice over rock tomb cause with all the bulk on the team, I don't...
  7. Special Season 6: BSS UU!

    After about playing over 120 games on this ladder I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents. Just to add to what theorymon said, the only really strong core I've seen consistently is the hydre + Mega metagross core with all sorts of alternatives. Tapu bulu/primarina/azu all being good 3rd mons. Kang +...
  8. Community Create-a-Team 2: M-Lopunny + Lando-T

    Given that bulu/cress already deal with breloom, wouldn't an assault vest variant be better?
  9. Community Create-a-Team 2: M-Lopunny + Lando-T

    Fischgrat's SD Zard X. I had no idea SD zard was that powerful. I mean look at those calcs. I think it would do great if we replaced mega gyara for flyium-z gyara to hit mega-venu and fini. Plus the added benefit of having a F-G-W core and F-D-S core is always great with the addition of ZardX.
  10. Victim Of The Week [On Hiatus]

    Kanon90s Empoleon. Always wanted to try this. Need to get around to breeding one soon.
  11. The Next Best Thing [Current Subject: Tapu Bulu]

    cant say's Z-Grass Knot. it's the only truly innovative thing in my opinion and seems it could be viable. I still think hp fire would be better but guess this could find a niche.
  12. BSS Teambuilding & Help Thread (SuMo Edition Reloaded 2.0)

    The faries you want to check include koko/lele/primarina and fini. Ferro deals better with those. The added fighting weakness isn't welcome but you can remedy that with adding a ghost type or something to deal with it.
  13. Community Create-a-Team 2: M-Lopunny + Lando-T

    Solerme's Landorus If you're going to be building a semi-stall team then you need rocks and a secondary check to blaze which deals with t-punch variants. I think lando fills that role perfectly with some secondary like dealing with t-punch charX and mimkyu.
  14. Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 48 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

    LF jolly rough skin garchomp/gible that knows the move stealth Rock (6th gen move tutor) and should have the Pentagon. Let me know if anyone can help. Willing to make offers for it! e: egg move outrage as well