Dr Ya Yeet

Hi!! I'm Dr Ya Yeet,you can call me any variation of the name,but i prefer Yeet coz yes. I'm a 15 yo from India who used to be extremely active here but then got his ass kicked by real life so only comes here occassionaly now ;-;

:magearna:Tiers i play
I main OU, but im also very active in ZU (if you call zu bad i'll k!ll you:heart:). I also have slight experience in NU and LC,pretty much just from watching Rabia and Freezai respectively :p. I wanted to host a project in ZU but then i got busy irl and then i just stopped coming here lol,but i promise i'll host a project one day...fuck real life

:swampert: My other interests!
Pokemon is a big part of my life,but i've got other interests too,like music (i abso-fucking-lutely ADORE Cavetown,also like mxmtoon,dodie and Chloe Moriondo,and am starting to listen to Conan Gray a bit. Also a lifelong Directioner:blobuwu:). I'm also interested in MBTI,and am an INFJ. I'm very passionate about mental health disorders,especially adhd.I'm also an LGBTQ+ Ally:heart:.

:toxtricity: Ok but what do you do here
When i was actually active here, i posted consistently in a bunch of ou threads,low-key(there's a toxtricity above this get it get it lol) every ou project tbh,and sometimes also posted in the vr thread with some bad takes (my record is nomming lando down,i doubt you can top that!). In ZU,projects aren't really a thing,so i posted quite often in the vr,metagame discussion,sample teams,good cores,team dump..all the good stuff. I've also always wanted to join the GP team,and have done several am gp checks,and one day i'll make it there hopefully owo

I've only been in the competitive scene for about a year now,so i have a lot to learn and accomplish rn. As soon as this b!tch called real life leaves me alone,ima come back with a vengeance! Till then,zeeyou!
im sorry not sorry
Jul 14, 2006 (Age: 15)
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well some people know it but not you ig
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Dr Ya Yeet/Pogyeet (stop judging)
IIT aspirant
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Often lost in thought


Dr Ya Yeet#2664 (inactive af now)
same name but i dont post so oop


Accept everyone as who they are, only try to change them for the best :blobwizard: