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    A Blue Giveaway [Year 2]

    GTS Giveaway Pokemon Requested: Ninetales (Shiranui), Timid Pokemon Deposited: Drowzee, lvl.7, male, Quick Ball OT: Haruka Question: "Hardest HM to manage?" Answer: rock smash, so low power and not that useful but still required Message: Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance.[\s]
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    Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 46 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

    Hey in need of a choice scarf, pm or VM me
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    Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 32 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE)

    looking for an extra leftovers anyone ma have, sorry i dont have much to offer in return. pm me
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    Battle Finder is Down, Ask for Battles Here (READ POST #1 for XY Rules / Ban Lists)

    looking for a battle, 6th gen. fc in signature
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    Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 30 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests, etc GO HERE)

    looking for a pokemon with pokerus on generation 6, dont have much to offer. message me please
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    Anime and Manga: Beware of Spoilers!

    my list is filled with mostly school life shows, thats just my taste medaka box is an unconventional battle manga. i only read the manga but sometimes ill catch a few episodes of the anime. every chapter is amazing and i am never disappointed each week. k-on is an oldie but goodie. one of my...
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    Nintendo 3DS Discussion Thread - Mark 2

    i've had the save corruption file bug from saving in a puzzle, my 3ds acts up a lot so i have to turn it off and on sometimes, ended up saving in gaulem bay and got the black screen when i tried to load it up. people are saying that it happens most in the pressure exchange chamber and crew...
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    Nintendo 3DS Discussion Thread - Mark 2

    aw why are you getting it digitally, wait the extra four days for the cart release
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    Naruto (Spoilers ITT)

    possibly zetsu clones? i doubt it but that was one idea i heard thrown around
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    Naruto (Spoilers ITT)

    am i the only one who wants tobito and madara to win. i mean they just seem so badass. and then theres naruto and might guy whove never really impressed me with their badassery
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    Naruto (Spoilers ITT)

    why does tobi have to be anyone, why cant he just be tobi
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    One Piece (spoilers!)

    i see hawkins bottom right corner Chapter 674 Page 17
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    Naruto (Spoilers ITT)

    omg it's naked apron senpai! and on topic: i never understood how people could think that obito could be tobi, who could have possibly trained him to be that strong and smart, if there was someone that strong to teach him surely his name would be famous/infamous. if tobi turns out to be...
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    Yu-Gi-Oh discussion

    dafuq light world? never heard of it