#Cranham: Worst user is that dratios guy
@Michael Bisping: I've been asking for years for the ban of dratios

%Clefable: bad user, bad taste
%Clefable: checks out
%Meteordash: your passport has been revoked
%Meteordash: goodbye Dratios
Dratios was muted by pink dreads for 7 minutes. (funny reason)
Dratios would be muted by Gardevoir&Gallade but was already muted. (:I)
@Duelmex: why does the name Fartios make me giggle
@KingChandelure: $50 says Smelly Dratios has a great color
#Nolali ♪: Dratios youd have to be a good user first
+castaways: dratios smells

@Michael Bisping: [18:56:27] Dratios: alright in my opinion
@Michael Bisping: top 10 moments before disaster
%Funcrank: can we ban Dratios

@ih8ih8sn0w◕‿◕: can i ban dratios?
#Nol: Dratios was a born shitposter
@Duelmex: Dratios kinda got the teeth of a greedent
@YoshiKara: Dratios is bad but he is the room mascot of bad
%TheBlaah: permission to mute dratios for an hour billo
%Pooof!: dratios has diglett IQ
@YoshiKara: you can quote "dratios is a stinky poopoo head that eats glue"
@wishes: Dratios bad
#p^_^okemonvortex.: Dratios is turnip boy
#Nol: Shut up Dratios
Tanjiro Kamado: dratios bald
+rxdb: international tax evader dratios
%Teutonic✠Squire!: can we ban dratios

The word has been guessed. Congratulations!
Dratios has no eyes
or friends
October 23
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Favorite Pokémon
Spidops, Joltik
My Characteristic
Somewhat of a clown
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1134 8053 3002
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%SparklySilvally: can we get a room degenerate role specifically for dratios and no one else on the entire site
+ciran: I mean, not trusting Dratios is usually solid advice
#Nolali ♪: I thought you were locked because you were a bad user
#Nolali ♪: I was right, but that's besides the point
@Michael Bisping: things that don't exist: australia, wyoming, someone asking dratios his opinion, clean water in flint michigan
+Hack_Guy: dratios I will find you and remove your spleen
%pink dreads: dratios bot 5 users all time