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  1. Programming USUM Random Battles/Monotype Random Battles Damage Calculator

    Such a box is not required. Auto-intimidate/other abilities should simply function in a way that it automatically applies a -1, rather than doing that hidden in a way so that it isn't possible to achieve +6.
  2. Programming USUM Random Battles/Monotype Random Battles Damage Calculator

    Intimidate is automatically applied without the pokemon being set to -1. So you see your pokemon at neutral, but get the -1 calc.
  3. Metagame Ubers Tiering Policy Review: An Overview

    Forcing MRay to hold a useless item already goes a long way in making it more in line with other ubers, however. It would still be strong, but without a life orb, it's more like a primal groudon with dragon dance, instead of rock polish. As for a new tier in between ubers and OU... that won't...
  4. Metagame Ubers Tiering Policy Review: An Overview

    In no way did I suggest that that's the way how Mega Rayquaza should be handled. All I was saying is that the idea to force a specific item on it isn't that far fetched, given how the items it can hold are already limited in the game (no Z-crystals) and how its twins, kyogre and groudon, are...
  5. Metagame Ubers Tiering Policy Review: An Overview

    Why would it be so weird to force Mega-Ray to hold a specific item? That's how it works for both Groudon and Kyoge, and never having played gen 4-7, it strikes me as an oversight of Gamefreak (?) that Rayquaza isn't required to hold a specific item to mega evolve (or revert to primal form, these...
  6. SM Ubers Ubers (Balanced?) Attack team

    Most common pokemon in Ubers? Last I checked groudon-primal was around 3.5 times more common than arceus-normal... not like arceus-normal even deserves that much usage. As for this team, sorry but it's garbage. There are no two ways about it. It loses 6-0 to groudon, the most common pokemon in...
  7. SM Ubers Toughest to play meme in Ubers: PU-Trap @ 1780 Peak

    LOL that was great. Real ubers.
  8. Resource USM Sample Teams [Submissions closed]

    I am not arguing the rejection, I am saying that with the arguments used, currently listed teams must be reviewed with similar (or other common) weaknesses in mind. Either way, thank you for your effort.
  9. Resource USM Sample Teams [Submissions closed]

    While I absolutely agree with dual dance pdon and primal ogre, saying this team is mega gar (traps literally 1 pokemon) or webs weak is ridiculous. Samples are upon your judgment, but if you're going by team weaknesses to one threat, or webs game, I heavily encourage you to review currently...
  10. Resource USM Sample Teams [Submissions closed]

    I don't know in what meta you live in, but lunala and yveltal are very easily checked without the need of a dark type. Physical choice band yveltal is simply terrible (especially Adamant, what the hell?) because knock off won't do crap to any plate arceus, lunala cannot run modest without...
  11. Resource USM Sample Teams [Submissions closed]

    Wtf. 1. Somewhat true. Though, arceus dark is not much better at checking necrozma than arceus-ground is. Both 2hit ko opposing necrozma. 2. Hello Hooh? 3. Hello Hooh? I see very few things arceus dark has over arceus ground. And if so, they are really small. And more importantly than that...
  12. Resource USM Sample Teams [Submissions closed]

    I cannot agree with this at all. How can arceus dark be the best support arceus when it cannot do it's role against basically any non-setup threat in the tier (think: marshadow, mega lucario, e killer, metronome yveltal, xern, even the occassional pheromosa)? And allows setup on the strongest...
  13. Resource USM Sample Teams [Submissions closed]

    That actually looks really cool. Mysterious M it's been a while. Also, I vote for the Standard DD Zygarde Bulky Offense | Provided by the Ubers Council team to be removed from the samples. I really liked the idea, but after testing for even just a little while, it's glaringly obvious that it...
  14. Tournament Ubers Team Tournament - Round 1

    won vs dominatio, next round here we come :)
  15. where did you go O.o

    where did you go O.o