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    I’m still a gamer

    Oh, yeah? Name one gameboy
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    I’m still a gamer

    I don't trust this guy...
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    Videogame thread

    It took me like 5 tries on Silent and Defect each for true boss A20 kills. If u can beat the double boss you can probably beat the true boss tbh, not nearly as hard as I expected
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    CAP 28 - Part 6 - Stat Spread Submissions

    In what world is water+electric STAB worse than bug+dragon? Electric/Water is stopped by grasses and dragons, sure, but that's about it, and many popular grasses are usually physically defensive anyways so it is possible to eventually bust through. Bug/Dragon, on the other hand, has STABs...
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    CAP 28 - Part 6 - Stat Spread Submissions

    FINAL SUBMISSION 77 / 146 / 53 / 96 / 82 / 76 530 BST PT ST PS SS BSR 75.578 120.88468 198.48004 139.14657 289.01180 PHYSICAL OFFENSE: I believe physically offensive is the way we want to go here- The best tools for the job are all on the physical end, and the lack of a (widely...
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    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    Pikachu315111 U-Turn (and pivoting moves in general) are definitely very strong this gen (and conceptually, at least imo, were always pretty broken). They’re by far the safest move to click in the base majority of situations, as it will always net you some degree of momentum. Boots have removed...
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    tier list no one asked for lets starts a gen war

    Tbf gen 2 as pokemon games do kind of suck. The level curve and team variety is pretty awful, and kanto isn’t particularly fun or challenging if you think about it (I, for one, can’t remember anything about it outside of Blue and “wow second region!”). Not to mention that generation tries it’s...
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    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    Sorry just one last aside, I’m baffled by the assumption that because a pokemon gets a move, it should use it at least 50% of the time or whatever. If every move was like that the usage of imprison would be even lower
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    Tournament ADV PU TOURNAMENT

    Check my wall, I attempted to schedule with wcstyles (while they initiated, they never replied until the last day where I offered to play and they never showed up)
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    Earlio2 on PS

    Earlio2 on PS
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    I can play rn

    I can play rn
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    you helped conquer the world and get a country to rule

    Fuck you took my pick Fine I'll take Madagascar
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    Dr. Smogoff

    Oh sorry, wrong office. I was looking for Dr. Smogon
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    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    I never liked the “look at all these features they cut aren’t they horrible” picture. Some features do deserve to come back, sure, but I don’t want a bloated mechanic mess with stuff like seasons (a genuinely bad mechanic imo, it’s cool but no Pokémon play through takes 4 months and it’s just...
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    tier list no one asked for FAST FOOD TIER LIST [british version]

    I can't believe they've never heard of eels warehouse. There's one on every corner