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    Metagame ZeroUsed Metagame Discussion

    sash 4-attack kadabra can fit virtually anywhere as a revenge killer you can tailor it to your coverage needs pretty well, psyshock/gleam/eball/sball is perfect neutral, and signal beam/hidden power are good if you want something specific handled
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    Metagame Alphabet Cup

    yeah, a lot of things focus the meta really heavily around a few letters as is mainly boosting moves, but a few attacks as well there's something about the phrase "shift gear sacred fire spectral thief salamence" that makes you want to die
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    Metagame Shared Power [Under Re-Construction!]

    working irrespective of magic guard seems far more sensible, given that preventing healing is a) not a standard behavior for the ability and b) does not occur with other types of passive healing (e.g. lefties)
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    M&M Mix and Mega

    where ubers are concerned, even disregarding how 90% of the tier has flamethrower/fire blast and earth power, solgaleo and necrozma-dusk both have sunsteel and eq off good attack stats (solga has flare blitz as well) and can sponge loads of damage with assvest, reshiram goes straight through...
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    M&M Mix and Mega Suspect #6: Shadow Tag

    Abstain first and foremost i exclusively play dude hyper offense lmao so i have no frame of reference for what happens when gengar or goth survive for longer than one turn secondly i'm not of the impression that shadow tag is banworthy so much as gothitelle with shadow tag and gengarite are...
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    M&M Mix and Mega

    magearna will have plenty of alternative checks and counters with the considerable number of mons able to threaten with both ground and fire moves (a good half of ubers, heatran, mew, volcanion, etc.), several of which can feasibly run a red orb
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    M&M Mix and Mega

    haven't seen much talk about necrozma's new tools thus far along with photon geyser, tutors have given it an impressive special pool including earth power, heat wave, dragon pulse and hyper voice it seems to have a lot of potential as a bulky attacker with stones like cameruptite, heracronite...
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    Metagame Full Potential

    both will get eaten alive chansey will be destroyed by physical attacks, which happen to not be restricted in any meaningful way machamp offers nothing of value offensively or defensively in a meta where attacks can be based off of def/spd
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    BH Balanced Hackmons

    so what's HO's answer to spectral thief beyond "run more users than the enemy"
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    Metagame Averagemons

    togekiss can get some mileage out of hustle with stab aa and smart strike along with espeed and drain punch lack of setup moves and problems with fighting-neutral steels hurt it, though
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    Other Metagame of the Month Archive

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    Metagame SM PU Alpha (playable on PS!)

    wouldn't bet much on seeing those two unbanned, pu is full of wallbreaker ss/chloro mons with garbage speed as a major weakness
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    Metagame NP: NU Stage 0 (Beta) - Bring The Noize (Cofagrigus is Banned)

    taillow outspeeds in trick room
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    Metagame NP: NU Stage 0 (Beta) - Bring The Noize (Cofagrigus is Banned)

    neverused: the worst pokemon, and the worst memes
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    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers: OM Edition

    it's coming two days before people start complaining about diancite lele