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  1. Skillmons [Coming back soon™]

    Suggestion: every attack you make puts its percent chance to crit into your crit meter. When your meter reaches or exceeds 100%, you deal a crit that breaks through protect and detect. The remaining percentage rolls over. To empty the opponent's crit meter, knock out one of their pokemon.
  2. Skillmons [Coming back soon™]

    Suggestion: represent status effect progress with a gauge
  3. Skillmons [Coming back soon™]

    Suggestion: instead of removing accuracy and multiplying the bp of moves by their former hit chance, turn accuracy into latency. For example, fire blast would keep its high damage, and instead of missing 15% of the time, the user's final speed would be multiplied by 0.85 for that turn.
  4. Regarding skillmons. If you can make this an OM, I'd vote for it and get others to do so too...

    Regarding skillmons. If you can make this an OM, I'd vote for it and get others to do so too. More players helps. I hear the maker of zeta is making a sequel. Maybe he'd be willing to add skillmon as a gamemode. You should totally use the move latency idea. You know- instead of...
  5. Good to know you haven't forgotten about skillmons.

    Good to know you haven't forgotten about skillmons.
  6. Skillmons [Coming back soon™]

    Oh, I get what you mean now. when i said the freeze thing was intended for a higher freeze chance, I meant that my variant freeze status would be nigh unusuable if freeze chances were translated into say, 10 uses of ice beam before a freeze occurs, and that 3 uses would be more appropriate...
  7. Skillmons [Coming back soon™]

    Exactly. My goal with the changes is to preserve variety as much as possible without utilizing the rng. As for other crit mechanics, I think joim's case by case basis works fine for them. (unless someone can come up with a better mechanic) Sweet. Feel free to use the ideas. I'll be...
  8. Skillmons [Coming back soon™]

    Hello joim. You are revamping this metagame, right? I recently came here with the goal of creating one of my own, which I think I'd call "absolute mindplay" with a similar premise to yours. Taking a closer look, I get the impression that creating it seperately might be counter-productive...
  9. General Introduce yourself!

    Nice to meet you! I got drawn to smogon because I prefer the means by which it's moderated. Vgc may be where the money is at so to say, but I prefer to have a clean game with as diverse a roster as possible. As for the forum, I wandered in through a hole in /r/stunfisk because I figured I...
  10. General Introduce yourself!

    Hello, this is eldritchsyntaxes. I'm here to try and grow a new metagame based around modifying and utilizing elements of the game that go unused in competitive play.