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    The World Cup of Pokémon 2020 - Signups

    Player Name: the motherfucking greatest cheater this site has ever seen after bloo, goao, starmaster, ojama, gr8astard, yan[sogeking], lavos, ctc, AND mazar. elodin the burger. Country / Region of Residence: BRAZIL. Other Eligibility: Hell no.
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    e ai meu velho quanto tempo

    e ai meu velho quanto tempo
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    Serious LGBTQ+

    that avatar is mine...
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    Multi-gen Coronavirus Premier League IV - Day 1

    won against zesty with a ton of luck on my side, gg and sorry brother
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    woof woof

    woof woof
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    Multi-gen Coronavirus Premier League IV - Signups

    Player Name: elodin Timezone: -3 Join Year: 2012 Tiers Interested In Playing: all Able To Be Active Almost Everyday Next Week (Y/N)?: n Interesting in Managing (Y/N)? n
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    pet gang

    pet gang
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    let's rework bw sleep clause [SLEEP MOVES NOW BANNED, SLEEP CLAUSE LIFTED, POST#40]

    Ban Spore, Hypnosis, Sleep Powder, Yawn, Dark Void, Sleep Powder, Grass Whistle, & Sing AND remove Sleep Clause from BW OU (Ban)
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    Gen 2 Stop using Thunder instead of Thunderbolt

    Disclaimer 1: couldn't think of a better place to share this message so here I am Disclaimer 2: I've been guilty of it, and probably will again in the future, but this doesn't take away from the idea I want to share and general wake-up call I want to spread I'm going to go straight to the...
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    Gen 5 BW Viability Ranking, mk. 2

    giving my take on this as well ~ S rank 1. Tyranitar 2. Politoed 3. Latios A+ rank 4. Excadrill 5. Ferrothorn 6. Keldeo 7. Garchomp 8. Landorus-Therian A rank 9. Gliscor 10. Rotom-W 11. Breloom 12. Skarmory 13. Heatran 14. Reuniclus 15. Tentacruel A- rank 16. Magnezone 17...
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    ADV OU: Baton Pass Test (Vote)

    2. Change nothing. 2. Do not ban Baton Pass on Smeargle.
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    The World Cup of Pokémon 2019 - Finals (Won by Team US West)

    won vs undis, gg
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    The RU Open VIII - Round 3

    Won 2-0, ggs.