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    UU UnderUsed Majors VI - Stage 2 Playoffs [Round 1]

    Pak has decided to drop out of the tournament due to irl stuff, so the 3rd place seed of the Jirachi pool, Axelsior, will be taking his place as it is still early in the week. The new matchup is, Axelsior vs Amukamara
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    Resource SS UU Sample Teams (Crown Tundra) [Submissions - Closed]

    Thank you everyone for your patience in waiting for this update! We have five fresh new teams in a range of playstyles for you all for the Latias Suspect, I hope you all enjoy and good luck with getting reqs if you are going for them! Dragon Dance Necrozma + Nasty Plot Thundurus-T HO by...
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    Pending Making Source default to collapsed when loading Roomintro/Staffintro as Room Owner

    As suggested in the title, would it be possible to have the default when typing /Roomintro or /Staffintro be that the source code is collapsed as a room owner, ie. that it would show like this, While it sounds fairly minor this would end up being fairly practical for staffintros in...
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    Resource SS UU Sample Teams (Crown Tundra) [Submissions - Closed]

    Not unlocking the thread for submissions atm as the Latias suspect is rather time limited, but wanted to make a quick announcement that the samples committee is currently discussing and internally submitting some teams to include as Samples for the duration of the Latias suspect. This will...
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    Move Category suggestions

    Currently in GSC, Thief is listed under usually useless moves, despite it being a key move on quite a range of Pokemon throughout the diff tiers due to how monumental stealing leftovers is. Kept forgetting to post about that one but got reminded again for the nth time while building yday. Also...
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    UU UnderUsed Majors VI - Stage 2 Playoffs [Round 1]

    It's in the OP too but as a reminder, due to the following post, Latias will not be allowed in Stage 2 for the duration of it's suspect test as it was quickbanned first. Anyone bringing...
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    UU UnderUsed Majors VI - Stage 2 Playoffs [Round 1]

    op adapted from previous signups threads, shoutouts Moutemoute and Accel. Banner by Bummer Host: Estarossa Welcome, Smogon, to the sixth edition of UU Majors! This is the premier edition of an annual UU Circuit Tour where you can test your mettle against the top players in the community...
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    Multi-gen RoA Olympics 6: Round 2

    won in 2 vs vani for gsc ubers, sorry completely stole that second game.
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    UU UnderUsed Majors VI - Stage 1 Pools

    As before this will be treated as Crushy dropping out of the tiebreak, so the tiebreak for the :jirachi: pool will now be MendeeZ vs Axelsior and can't bracket reset again. Stage 2 will be going up tomorrow, this may happen earlier if the :gyarados: and :jirachi: pools finish early.
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    Project Underused Teambuilding Competition v2 - Week 29: Conkeldurr

    :bw/gigalith: :bw/excadrill: :bw/chansey: :bw/mandibuzz: :bw/amoonguss: :bw/latias: CB Sand Force Mole + Gravity Chansey This is a fun team based on a cool concept Lily was talking about in VR chat other day. CB Sand Force Mole hits like an absolute monster...
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    UU UnderUsed Majors VI - Stage 1 Pools

    Yea you need to do another until someone wins the 3-way round robin unfortunately. I would recommend sitting down and agreeing on a time that works for all 3 people so that you can immediately play the reset if this happens again personally. (If anyone drops out of the tiebreak it'll become a...
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    Resource SS UU Crown Tundra Viability Ranking Thread

    Don't want to start nitpicking a whole post, (there's a few other things I disagree with here such as the concept that Exca is speed control and that Mandibuz is unsplashable or struggles when Fog is kinda bad on it in first place so like those 2 attacks u-turn roost sets are really solid glues...
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     np: SS UU Stage 10 - Airplanes (Latias Retest)

    If vileplume really is your favourite Pokemon it would be prudent of me to point out that he isn’t actually wholly outclassed by Amoonguss in UU. vileplume has some important niches over amoonguss that give it a place on very bulky teams. It compresses amoongs useful typing but in exchange for...
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    Project UU Next Best Thing Crown Tundra Edition: Week 41: Excadrill [Submissions Phase]

    :bw/latias: Latias (F) @ Grassy Seed Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Calm Mind - Stored Power - Mystical Fire - Recover Grassy Seed Lati is a nasty option on teams with Tapu Bulu, gains the ability to do some dangerous late game sweeps with the free +1...