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    CAP 27 - Part 4 - Primary Ability Poll 2

    Poison Touch Serene Grace Regenerator I'm back! Will try to help out with movepool when that comes around.
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    CaP26 Prevo - Part 6 - Name Poll 3

    Justyke Gavelibra
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    CaP26 Prevo - Part 6 - Name Poll 2

    Smallet Justyke Gavelibra Legavel Liberterra Gavequal
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    CaP26 Prevo - Part 6 - Name Poll 1

    Smallet Justyke Legavel Liberterra Gavequal Gavelibra
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    Policy Review A Proposal for CAP Updates

    One of the key issues coming from the leaks is the removal of moves. I'm on board for an ideal of minimality, and (in a sense) lack of creativity. However, it seems like for realism to be maintained, movepool "nerfs" will need to happen. Some will be automatic, for those moves not available in...
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    Process Update Filling the gap: CAP Post-Play Lookback

    Part One: This is a stage of the process which currently takes place mostly informally, and it would be good to make it available to participants of the CAP project who aren't part of discord channels or showdown discussions, because the final result in the context of the project is as important...
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    CaP 26 Prevo - Part 3 - Art Poll 1

    StephXPM Kaiju Bunny flying moose Slapperfish Falchion Mova
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    CAP 27 - PRC Applications

    Hi, I'd like to apply for the PRC. I go by either Violet or Faith, whichever you prefer. I've participated heavily in each step of CAP25 except movepool, and also in the early stages of CAP 26, including having submitted a Framework which got past the first cut for CAP 25, and a slated Stat...
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    CAP 26 - Part 13 - Shiny Palette Poll 1

    Scizivire pokehimon Quanyails Nektùll
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    CAP 26 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 2

    Brodaha Dogfish44 Jordy
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    CAP 26 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 1

    Brodaha Dogfish44 snake_rattler Jordy Yoshi Birkal