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  1. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    The encounter tables say that the pokèradar pokèmon are on slot 6/7 and 10/11 but I never encountered a pokèradar pokèmon(in both normal patch and sparkling patch) with these slot,ever with 4/5,do you know why? This is a question I have since 2 months lol
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    Ice lo ho solo se uso pokeshift.exe Bruno tu dimmi 5 pkmn e te li regalo,ma x entrambi:io sono in vacanza e tornerò solo il 21
  3. Fenix54 Trade Thread

    sorry,nothing I need I'm currently out of trades cause holidays
  4. Fenix54 Trade Thread

    scegline pure 5,stai tranquillo
  5. Kuroki's pokèshop

    GL,bello vedere un altro italiano btw,per cominciare posso regalarti 5 pikè dal mio thread^^
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  7. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    yes,shiny egg,you need only to advance the pidframe
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  9. Shuckle's Cross-Generation Mini-Mall

    nothing I need,sorry
  10. Metalex`s Trade Thread

    yes the azlef too ok,I'll nickname them
  11. Metalex`s Trade Thread

    I have the impish uxie/timid latias of your wants,let me know if you like it(you can see them in my thread) btwe,I can give them for 2 credits in your thread
  12. Fenix54 Trade Thread

    ok,let me know when you're free to trade
  13. Fenix54 Trade Thread

    no,hacked wondercard,forgot to write srry
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