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    SS LC - Zigzagoon Suspect Test Voting

    Zigzagoon: Do not ban
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    o ait

    o ait
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    Smogon Premier League XIII - Player Signups

    Player Name: Fille Tiers Played: I'm really just here for out of place tinderposts and stories Timezone: GMT +1
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    Sounds good

    Sounds good
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    Metagame BW LC

    Dropping this here as well, join in for BWLC Discussion, building and playing :)
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    Tournament LCWC III - General Discussion

    For those of you who are interrested in following and discussing the BWLC matches along with other people who enjoy the tier, we have a discord here which originally was a builders hub for a few of us who's been actively building for ourselves and other players for a variety of tournaments...
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    +1, can do any day after 5pm my time (cause I work usually until 4pm and need time to get home)...

    +1, can do any day after 5pm my time (cause I work usually until 4pm and need time to get home), but preferably before midnight. Weekends I can do after 1pm, preferably before 7pm on Sat's cause I drink :)
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    Announcement Zigzagoon Suspect Alt Identification Thread

    probably woulda been faster if I didn't spam double mbounce sun
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    Tournament LCWC III - General Discussion

    Gummy bingo when?
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    Tournament LCWC III - Signups

    Yo btw I'm willing to manage WAP as well along with co-manager Steel With It
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    Tournament LCWC III - Signups

    Name: Fille Tiers Played: Primary Eligibility (US/Canada: State/Province/Territory, Others: Country): Netherlands Secondary Eligibility (US/Canada: State/Province/Territory, Others: Country): Germanic Europe Interested in Captaincy?: Only if I get Jox and Lily fsr can't Significant Time...
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    Tournament LC Circuit Format Discussion Thread

    Eseque dpplc anyone? Ftr most of us who play one or multiple oldgens at what I guess you could call a competent level are usually down to test when asked, no matter who asks. Not speaking for everyone else but at least personally I don't feel I get nearly as many bwlc games in a year as I'd...
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    Smogon Champions League - Week 9

    For the sheet
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    Metagame SCL I LC Discussion

    ikr? It's ok I'll stay patient