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    SPL 9 - Commencement Thread

    fuck spl
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    Season 25 (Week 1 [SM OU #1]) - won by SoulWind

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    sunday night lc yn

    sunday night lc yn
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    “You've got no Pex" Tour - Semifinals

    yea, that was one of the best games i've been a part of lately -- well played man and gl in the final, gg
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    Brazil's Fantasy (Sign-ups)

    in af
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    i have -- no touch

    i have -- no touch
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    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread (read the op before posting a thread)

    Well, they are not forced to post their teams, but you can find the games they are used in here. In addition, z0mOG posted some of his teams from SPL here and people can post their teams and sets here e: holy shit fucking sniped af
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    Smogon Premier League 9 - Semi-Finals

    Sad that our season is over, but that was one hell of a run and I enjoyed working with my entire team -- yes, even testing with you, Eo. I have planned to post something about my time on the Bigs the past four years since well before this season even started as I do not plan to return as manager...
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    Project USUM Teambuilding Workshop [Open]

    - click for importable I agree that Nidoking is a really scary wallbreaker and have thought so dating back to late SM, when I used it in a tournament battle here. A month or so back, I decided to revamp the team I used in that battle and it became the team linked above. The idea behind the...
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    Metagame USUM Metagame Discussion

    While I do think there are a number of interesting exploits that can be found throughout the OU metagame when it comes to role compression and combining of niches, I feel as if this is not an optimal, nor necessarily effective one in practice. Generally speaking, the best setter of dual screens...
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    Tournament SPL9 - SM OU Discussion Thread

    Since regular season SPL just ended, I thought now would be the best time to bump this thread. Anyone that was tagged feel free to share any ideas that you had during the season, much like what was done for this thread for Snake Draft. You may include teams, sets, cores, analysis, thoughts, etc...
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    Smogon Premier League 9: UU Discussion

    I tested and discussed a lot of UU this tournament because I did not draft a ton of support for Manipulative and I wanted to at least try and help out, so I guess I will drop my two cents. Overall, UU is not a particularly bad metagame, but it is congested at the top to where checking...
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    Hey, added you on discord but I don’t know where you check — we play for OURPL one sm. I’m GMT-4...

    Hey, added you on discord but I don’t know where you check — we play for OURPL one sm. I’m GMT-4 and can play nights after Wednesday or throughout the weekdnd
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    Project Ultra SM Break This Team - WK 26. Tiger jaw sand

    Kartana + Magnezone