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    CAP 29 - Name Submissions

    WIP Pasteleon Pastel + Leo/Lion Coloregal Color + Regal Karnivas Carnivore + Canvas (spelled with a K to make it look more powerful)
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    CAP 29 - Prevo # Discussion

    Two Just because it's not reptilian doesn't mean it can't be a three-stage pseudo (see Metagross). I personally think it gives more of a three-stage vibe like Tyranitar and Hydreigon than a mythical like Zeraora or Heatran.
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    CAP 29 - Art Poll 4

    Gravity Monkey
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     CAP 29 - Art Poll 3

    Golurkyourself Gravity Monkey Pipotchi Meliiow Mos-Quitoxe
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    CAP 29 - Art Poll 2

    Golurkyourself Yokaiju Amamama Gravity Monkey Pipotchi Quotidian Meliiow Mos-Quitoxe Pinesmoke Modedit: Correcting spelling of "Mos-Quitoxe".
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    CAP 29 - Art Poll 1

    Meliiow Slickedbackartisan Yokaiju PsychLantern Pipotchi Golurkyourself Quotidian Gravity Monkey JAGFL Amamama inkbug paintseagull Glacios Ionic StarGirl686 Pinesmoke BlorengeRhymes
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    Metagame The Loser's Game

    Since it sounds like there is some consideration for a Steel Beam ban, I just want to put it out there that Steel Beam is probably the best counter for item removal strategies. Perish Song also works to an extent, but Absol and company are all vulnerable to fast Taunt users like Linoone-Galar...
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    Metagame The Loser's Game

    I think Lickitung deserves a spot somewhere on the viability rankings, even though it is strictly outclassed by Slowpoke, thanks to its access to Sandstorm, allowing it to self-KO or KO teammates if they lose their item. It should be stressed that Slowpoke can do this too with Hail (IMO lacking...
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    CAP 9 Prevo - Sprite Poll

    Slapperfish BlorengeRhymes Quanyails JAGFL
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    CAP 29 - Art Submissions

    Some Design thoughts on some other people's designs: StephXPM Too humanoid at the moment. If you cover up the face it looks pretty much like a person. Maybe make the clothes more tentalcle-y, or dial back the clothes so that it invokes a robe but is actually part of the creature's body...
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    CAP 29 - Art Submissions

    WIP The design I'm developing is based on a decorator crab. To downplay the ocean origin and make it a dark type, I tried to design it to be a vaguely crablike evil spirit sort of thing that covers itself with toxic monsters to blend into the night (and wherever else it goes). Those monsters...
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    "Worst Pokémon Ever"

    Okay, technically, I stand corrected, but the point is they made Keldeo the fourth mon to cap off the trio, and arguably the best of the lot, to say nothing of being better than most Pokemon. My grievance of a bad design being good at battling stands regardless of the lore.
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    "Worst Pokémon Ever"

    While things like Spinda and Illumise are certainly terrible on multiple fronts, I think the Pokemon that I dislike the most is actually this thing: :ss/Keldeo: I despise Keldeo with a burning, fiery passion. The design is so lazy and childish. They basically plopped a design from My Little...
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    CAP 29 - Part 4 - Typing Poll 1

    Dark / Poison Electric / Ghost Fire / Fighting Flying / Ground Water / Poison Flying / Steel
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    CAP 29 - Part 4 - Typing Discussion

    4a How important are Toxic Spikes in the metagame at the moment? If they have a decent presence, then the ability to be initially immune to them or even absorb them could be huge. If it's mainly just the move Toxic that we have to worry about, then an initial immunity is... certainly something...