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    Tournament Guidelines & Submissions

    So yeah, that... And rest assured that everybody hates extra claiming and we don't intend to have that be a thing, so yeah.
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    Tournament Guidelines & Submissions

    DYAE officially set as the next tournament.
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    Board Game Ironfang Invasion: A Pathfinder Adventure Path [0/4 Players]

    FMD Whatever I can. I don't tend to min-max and I generally tend towards flavour builds. I tend to falter if the game becomes directionless. Basically any time on Saturday.
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    Walrus A very Gwenty walrus

    Managed to maintain my foothold at 7th place AND get 2.2 points higher than Jayy! I feel like the next song is my strongest for the category, so hopefully, it boosts me even higher.
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    Walrus A very Gwenty walrus

    Good news: I am in the top half. Bad news: I'm not defeating Jayy, yet. Needs to be fixed. I feel like I have a pretty solid submission for cat 2. A girl can hope.
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    Walrus A very Gwenty walrus

    In and sending.
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    Ongoing Temporary Leaves of Absence (formerly permanent)

    Word apparently didn't spread when I said it on Discord last week or the week before, but I am functionally retiring from ASB. It might just be for a few months, it might be for a year, who knows. I am forfeiting my gym position, all ongoing matches I am in, and position on the council. I will...
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    Salazzle's Signature Item

    1b) B 1c) A
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    1a) A 2a) A
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    UC Payout Scaling

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    [Gen VII Tournament Round 2]: Mowtom vs FMD

    "As long as the substitute is being hit, it won't break Mimiki's disguise!" Substitute (20) > Pain Split > Shadow Claw
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    Salazzle's Signature Item

    Majority Yes was reached on 1a, so that opens up questions 1b and 1c while rending question 3 void. No need to wait for the results of 2 before putting forth these questions since 2 will have no effect on them. 1b) Should Royal Honey's stat boosts be changed? a. Yes, to Highest true base stat...
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    Necturna Rare Candy

    What should be done about Rare Candy Necturna? C) Rare Candy boosts both her Atk and SpDef by 1. (remove the special clause from Rare Candy's description) If A or B wins, should this precedent apply to other 23 BRT Pokemon? B) No. Consistency is nice, but I would rather this happen as...
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    [Poison] Leader FMD vs Challenger Dogfish44

    Hypocritical tag. Dogfish44
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    Necturna Rare Candy

    Exclaimer Maxim Mowtom Ooraloo smashlloyd20 Someoneelse