NatDex RU Council Member

DPP oh good ol gen 4 how you used to be my Faavorite metagame. Until! Recently when I saw your true colors! I know you're fooling everyone as a sturdy metagame,a stable climate when you're really just a conglomerate of choas just like gen 5! At first it seems like a fever dream of a metagame where there is less power creep and more options but eventually you'll understand the truth of this Overused metagame! This gen was known as the revolutionary gen that made the physical/special split but in reality it's an unstable mess!!! First things first! Let's talk about the teambuilder! Where do I start?! Oh right at the fact that the teambuilder hasn't been updated since I DUNNO since THE GAMES RELEASED! There's a lot of Pokémon in OU who are only there because of a temporary trend back in I dunno 2012?! It's so backwards that it has "OU by technicality" INSTEAD OF UUBL this is a prime example of old gens not being managed enough! And don't you forget the sets oh the SETS! OU has many Pokémon but most of them HAVE SETS from years ago! And compared to the metagame NOW it doesn't hold up well! Especially the samples that look like it was straight from 2012! Oh and don't you forget about the clusterfuck that is it's metagame where "bulky offense" reigns supreme! First there is jirachi and latias two members that live by the Anthem "Broken checks broken" we have a literal legendary from ubers STUCK in a METAGAME with a Pokémon whose sole purpose is to either permaflinch or inconsistently inflict status! Does this look like balance to you?! OH! And don't get me started on all the borderline stall teams with Swampert! In this metagame you're given 70 options but only 7 are GOOD! This is the illusion of diversity we all live under! A metagame isn't stable when it's entire structure REVOLVES around TRENDS an example of this is roserade who was great until the spikes trend where it became almost useless! In the end regardless of the clear bias many have! ADV is just better!