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  1. Season 3 (Week 6 [GSC #2]) Won by Lesm46

    give this another shot
  2. Ultimate Back Luck Tournament

    This is new. I'll play your game.
  3. Metronome Tournament (Round 3)

    We'll do it on Sunday's Smogon Tour
  4. RBY Team Tournament (Round 4)

    Wow, guess I don't have to battle again.
  5. Metronome Tournament (Round 3)

    It's a Canadian thing
  6. Metronome Tournament (Round 2)

    I won 2-1 thanks to my ohko moves always hitting.
  7. Metronome Tournament (Round 2)

    Ok, me and 0_o are battling this weekend
  8. RBY Team Tournament (Round 3)

    Balou just pmed me back, so we've set up times to play. We'll probably battle sometime in the week or so.
  9. RBY Team Tournament (Round 2)

    No I pmed my opponent and never got a response.
  10. ADV UU Tournament (Round 2)

    I beat Floppy 1-0 cause he forgot to put on salac on his last pkmn
  11. RBY Team Tournament (Round 1)

    M3k, Siphai is in England or around there so your time zones are probably well off. I've pm'd 180.Roger and told him when's good for me and stuff, but he never said which days are good for him. Anyways if you see this Roger, I can be on most of today so I hope to see you sometime.
  12. RBY Team Tournament (Round 1)

    Predictions are just popularity contests