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    hi so sorry, later in evening tomorrow works for me. ill be on

    hi so sorry, later in evening tomorrow works for me. ill be on
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    unfun facts

    millipedes have a pair of sex legs called gonopods
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    Yo guys I found this cool bug

    Excellent bug! Were you able to ID it? I’d love to know! I’m gonna use this post to show off my rubber ducky isopods. Look at this little mans
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    worm discussion thread (CW: worms!!)

    hello smogoff, i noticed there's no official worm posting thread on this site and, to me, that is just reprehensible. I'm still learning about worms of course and I am no expert on worms, but i figured i could share my favorite worms to start :) detritus worm this here is a detritus worm...
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     Pokémon Fusions

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    you don't even wanna know how much microfauna is contained in seemingly harmless water. i collect jars of stream water (ecosphere) and there are so many tiny parasitic-looking worms floating around. not to mention, SO MANY detritus worms. so i can only imagine what is in SEWER water. like, look...
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    Social LGBTQ+

    in honor of lesbian visibility week, here’s a picture of me and my lovely girlfriend for everyone’s viewing ! to all my sapphics out there: i understand it may seem intimidating to find a relationship with another woman. but TRUST ME when i say that we are all people at the end of the day...
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    Chapter 2: Treacherous Seas

    hi! can you add my character to the story? here's his character skeleton: Username: fx Character Name: Asmodeus of Lust Age: 20 Species: Mothim Sexuality: Panromantic Aceflux Biography: Asmodeus of Lust grew up in Southern California in a middle-class suburban household. His mother was...
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    fx art!!!!!

    decided to go back to hydreigon and do a shitton of editing, i like the final result Eyan
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    Smogon SS OU history fanfic [Comments Section]

    Faint, I apologize for any miscommunications you may have had regarding my email. It was my understanding that the case manager overseeing this matter has been reassigned to me, which I can only assume is based on your previous attempts (or perhaps, lack thereof) to get everything resolved...
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    Smogon SS OU history fanfic [Comments Section]

    Excellent. Please let me know what time works best for you at your earliest convenience.
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    Smogon SS OU history fanfic [Comments Section]

    Hi Cdijk16, Apologies, but our office is closed on the weekends, so neither of those days would work. I’d like to get together for a scheduling conference over the videoconferencing application Microsoft Teams if possible. Please let me know what day works best for you. Thanks.
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    Sticky Forum rules and directory / SQSA

    Yeah! Just let me know whenever :)
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    Sticky Forum rules and directory / SQSA

    If you ever need help turning your camera images of traditional artwork to more of a digital-looking drawings, there’s a capability in Adobe Acrobat DC which allows you to make them look scanned in, and I’d be happy to help you out with that!