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  1. Quality Control Scrafty (0/2)

    Wouldn't Drain Punch be a good option for healing?
  2. Quality Control Braviary (0/2)

    Braviary isn't a Fighting type.
  3. [Gen 8] [Closed for now] Flame Orb Guts Obstagoon, Brave Melmetal

    Thanks for doing this!
  4. Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    If something with Technician goes second in the turn and uses one of the moves that get a damage boost by going second, does it still get the Technician boost? For example, if Grapploct has Technician, goes second in the turn, and uses Payback, does it do 100 base damage as usual or more because...
  5. Pokémon Grapploct

    I was wondering how it worked with Payback's doubled power when it goes second though, because that puts it over Technician's 60BP limit.
  6. Pokémon Grapploct

    Question: If it goes second in a turn (as it usually will) and uses Payback, does it still get the Technician boost?
  7. Pokémon Morpeko

    That's a completely different kind of shot there. :bloblul:
  8. Pokémon Falinks

    Speaking of that, I actually was getting annoyed the other day because I had assumed it was a Bug type, I was trying to catch one, and it kept breaking out of my Net Balls. Then of course after I finally caught it I found out why.
  9. Pokémon Frosmoth

    Yeah, it's the first time Wobbuffet has ever been able to actually initiate damage.
  10. Pokémon Togedemaru

    Yeah, I find it kind of bizarre that it can't at least learn Iron Tail. It's a Steel type with a prominent tail, so what gives?
  11. Pokémon Mimikyu

    On a side note, I bet I know why they kept its Japanese name in the English version: because in English it becomes a pun. Mimikyu = mimic you. :p Then again, maybe everyone's already figured that out. If so this was kind of pointless. :p
  12. Pokémon Lycanroc

    It can also learn Brick Break, that was missed in the learnset in the original post.
  13. Hihidaruma

    Weird. I know secondary effects that hurt the user still happen with Encourage, but you'd think a move with a high CH chance should be in the same class as something with a status chance or a stat-dropping chance.
  14. Hihidaruma

    Since Stone Edge has the added effect of a high CH ratio, doesn't it get boosted by Encourage as well?