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  1. Labarith's Trading and Cloning Services 2.0 (Now w/ G5 Pokemon + G5 EV training).

    please vm me for the adamant terrakion
  2. Darkmaster77 Shop NEW!!!

    please vm me for the adamant terrakion
  3. No more posting. Mods please close this thread.

    hi im interested in your adamant eelektross please vm me
  4. np: Trade Thread - Free #VGC Pokemon

    hi im interested in your adamant eelektross. I would like to use it for vgc. Please vm me
  5. On (Temporary) Hiatus.

    please vm me for shiny tynamo adamant
  6. Caruto's Trade Thread

    would you be willing to trade me tynamo and timburr i need both of those for LCQ
  7. (Please lock this)

    please vm me for Timburr OT: Bluemew Ability: Guts Nature: Brave Gender: male IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/0 Moves: mach punch, rock slide, bulk up, payback Level 1 UT
  8. Jedi! Hey! Hey! Listen! (Get Your Kyurem Forms Ready...)

    please vm me for Conkeldurr *Guts IVs: 31/31/31/10/31/0 EVs: 68 HP / 224 Atk / 216 SpD [Mach Punch] [Drain Punch] [Payback] [Bulk Up] I can offer a timid flawless shiny latios with OT Exie With Dragon Pulse, Thunderbolt, Surf, and Psyshck lv. 82 252 sp attack 252 speed 6 hp id 31539
  9. Welcome to Wal-Tyke (Entire Unova Dex Available!)

    please vm me for adamant conkeldurr
  10. Best Users of EVIOLITE

    what about duosion?
  11. my shop foos. ^3^

    please vm me for (★) OT Virgil | gender ♂ | UT | HP ice bold | effect spore | 31/30/30/31/31/31 | Cloned by AR absorb | growth | astonish | hidden power (BP done by xtr3m3 check out his shop.) only for really good trades. NON-REDIS
  12. Vixana's Edge of Reason [Gen VI]

    please vm me for the gible
  13. Darkness Beyond V2

    u already have my fc u traded with me before. But yes it is in my sig. K sorry. Thanks :)
  14. Darkness Beyond V2

    i cqan only trade on 5th
  15. Darkness Beyond V2

    ok give me like 5 minutes