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    What is your favorite candy? *Candy Discussion*

    My favorite candy is one that has, unfortunately, been discontinued. However, I recently tried mixing Strawberry and Watermelon Sour Punch Straws individually and the result is almost spot on what these used to be in terms of taste.
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    im kinda alive. and yes i do!!!! we are scRUb league champions!!!

    im kinda alive. and yes i do!!!! we are scRUb league champions!!!
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    What upcoming games do you anticipate the most?

    Surprised I haven't seen this so far, but MH Rise looks amazing rn and I would love to hunt with people here when/if I get the time :)
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    I just sent you mine! I’m SteelOctagon#8831

    I just sent you mine! I’m SteelOctagon#8831
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    Smogon Virtual Choir: A Project

    Definitely excited about this. If you could send any extra info to me, I would love to be a part of it. I'm a tenor/baritenor, fyi! :)
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    Where is your nick from?

    I like alliteration, and I grew up loving ice-type pokemon. GrassGlaceon didn't make much sense, so I decided to take the L instead.
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    Poetry Thread

    Ayo it's ya boy. I don't write poetry often, and I definitely don't write politically-charged poetry often, but I had to for a class and I'm pretty satisfied w/ how it turned out. Matthew 7:13 The chorus of angelic activists, clothed in white, proclaim, “Black Lives Matter”. Their...
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    Tournament LCPL IX - Signups

    Username: GlassGlaceon Timezone: GMT-5 Tiers Played: XY/BW LC Significant Time Missed: nop
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    Smogon Premier League XI - Player Signups

    Player Name: GlassGlaceon Tiers Played: SS LC Timezone : GMT-5
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    Tournament LC Ekans Draft - Signups

    Player Name: GlassGlaceon Timezone: GMT-5 Significant Time Missed? I got college sometimes
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    Hey. I miss you. Let's talk sometime, yeah?

    Hey. I miss you. Let's talk sometime, yeah?
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    Poetry Thread

    My grandfather passed away recently. I wrote this poem in the 15 minutes after I heard he died to cope with the intense grief. I read this at his funeral. This poem is atypical, written with haste; but also with immense, irrevocable love. You loved classic cars. Enamored with their...
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    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers / Little Cup Information / Forum Rules

    Hello old friends! Looking to potentially re-incorporate myself into USUM LC with the advent of time in my transitioning life. Have a bit of a larger question with a decently broad scope, so prepare to explain yourselves! How has LC changed from X and Y? As someone who has only played higher...
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    Poetry Thread

    A pale glow radiated from her face As shifting ground swallowed her body whole The docile calm of her nightly embrace Enveloping my body, heart, and soul. So steadily she sinks beneath the earth Her luminescence lingers in the air Yet all the stars lament; they know her worth And for her...
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    i can never forget

    i can never forget