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    Pet Mod Pet Mod All Stars [Slate 3: Artists' Studios]

    Ttar gets Hydro Pump and Surf
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    Pet Mod Pet Mod All Stars [Slate 3: Artists' Studios]

    Mangarrow's Gravity Monkey, Yoshiblaze's AquaticPanic, Samtendo09's Ludicrousity, Pika Xreme's Pika Xreme.
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    Pet Mod Crossover Chaos Expanded - Part II

    Pokémon: Godzilla Origin: Godzilla franchise Type: Abilities: Regenerator, Magnet Pull | Nuclear Heart* *Nuclear Heart: While a Pokémon with this ability is on the field, any pokemon that isn't a Poison-type or a Steel-type will get badly poisoned and the power of Poison-type attacks is...
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    Pet Mod Pet Mod All Stars [Slate 3: Artists' Studios]

    User: Eve Base Pokémon: Delcatty User Type: Ability: Substitute Bond | Creates a Substitute when switching in. If this Pokemon is Eve, it transforms into Marshadow if behind a Substitute. As Marshadow, all of her moves under 60 BP get boosted by 50%. Extra Moves: Spectral Thief, Shadow Sneak...
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    Megamax (Slate 6: Double Dipping)

    Butterfree: cordeliafrey78, かたわれ時, Yung Dramps Orbeetle: Yung Dramps, Chazm, MegaFlareon Corviknight: PokemonMasterDebater, Yung Dramps, 6Roggenrolas
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    Pet Mod Pet Mod All Stars [Slate 3: Artists' Studios]

    4. Samtendo09's Gojiratar 3. Mangarrow's Yung Dramps 2. Gravity Monkey's Reviloja 1. Yoshiblaze's AquaticPanic
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    Pet Mod SylveMons (Discussion Phase)

    Dracovish is gonna be so broken with Dragon Dance and a Dragon stab boosted by Strong Jaw that it isn't even funny. EDIT: Same applies for Dracozolt, now that it doesn't have that annoying chance of missing attacks with Hustle but yet presserves its power with Tough Claws and coverage moves such...
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    Pet Mod Fusion Evolution V6 (Submission Phase)

    Parents: Grimmsnarl / Bisharp Shared egg group: Human-like Offspring name: Garasharp New Type: Base Stats: 90/132/92/87/82/75 (558 BST) New ability and desc: Cobra hijinks (Defiant + Prankster): Status category moves and moves with a chance to lower any of the target's stats have their Speed...
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    Pet Mod [Gen 8] OptiMons - Gen 4 Cross Gen Evos

    Cursola [Optimized] Abilities: Weak Armor | [HA] Perish Body Stats: 95 HP / 60 Atk / 70 Def / 145 SpA / 130 SpD / 30 Spe [BST 530] Added Moves: Nasty Plot, Trick Room, Teleport Summary Of Changes: Swap Attack with Hp, +20 Def Basically gave it much more bulk and gave it Trick Room and Nasty Plot...
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    Pet Mod [Gen 8] Perfect Galar

    Play Rough: Accuracy rised to 100% It's one of the only 2 physical fairy moves avaible and should to the very least have a good accuracy. Spirit Break, Trop Kick, Mystic Fire and Razor Shell: Base power rised to 80 BP (and Razor Shell's accuracy rised to 100%) To match-up with the other stat...
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    Pet Mod [Gen 8] Perfect Galar

    Thank you for slaying my 2 sleep paralysis demons.
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    Pet Mod Megas for All: V5! (Submissions - Omastar, Kabutops, Dracovish)

    Mega Copperajah New Ability: Heavy Metal / Sheer Force ----> Regenerator New Typing: New Weight: 999.9kg New Stats: HP: 122 ----> 122 Attack: 130 ----> 160 (+30) Defense: 69 ----> 119 (+50) Special Attack: 80 ----> 80 Special Defense: 69 ----> 109 (+40) Speed: 30 ----> 10 (-20) Base Stat...
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    Pet Mod Fusion Evolution V6 (Submission Phase)

    Darmanitan / Galarian Darmanitan Marshadow / Melmetal Dracovish / Dracozolt Thievul / Dugtrio Gardevoir / Toxtricity Pyukumuku / Pincurchin Eiscue / Empoleon Stakataka / Arctovish Stunfisk / Stunfisk-Galar Buzzwole / Steelix
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    Pet Mod [Gen 8] Perfect Galar

    Pincurchin - Volt Switch Imo this thing's biggest problem is not being able to pivot with Volt Switch as Koko could.