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  1. Switch Off Your Mind Tournament - Round One

    Sent YAYTears a VM; awaiting reply.
  2. First serious Ubers team in the double digits on the ladder!!

    Thanks for the rate!! It is true; opposing sun-abusers can be hefty against me. I gave both of those a try; Rock Arceus was great, and Palkia worked well also. I think I may hang on to Mewtwo though, mainly for the Psystrike against Blissey, who otherwise walls Scarfed Palkia on thunder or...
  3. First serious Ubers team in the double digits on the ladder!!

    ~~~~UBER SUN-ORIENTED TEAM~~~~ Hello everyone!! GokartMozart here with my first successful Uber team so far. I have reached the double digits on the Smogon Uber ladder (currently 63) and have hovered around there for some time. You might've seen this team under my PO name, Mozart, and...
  4. Apprentice Program: Round Fifty One

    Username: GokartMozart Age: 21 Pokemon Online/Shoddy Username: Mozart, Imbadatpokemon Your timezone and usual hours of availability: GMT -4, usually free most of the day, more specifically afternoons and evenings What tier do you want to learn?: BW OU Tell us a little about yourself: I have...
  5. The World Cup of Pokemon VI - Signup Thread [NEW UPDATE: Post 643]

    Pokemon Online Username(s): Mozart, Imbadatpokemon Country/State of Residence: A-TOWN DOWN!! Nationality: Southern......of the US that is. -_- Other Eligibility: for what it's worth, I was born in Michigan, but have lived in the south my whole life.
  6. The Misdreavus Boogie!

    Not a bad team, though here are a few suggestions: I hate to say this as he seems to be the main focus of the team (and the thread title for that matter) but have you considered eviolite Dusclops over Misdreavus? It gets defensive stats that are far and away better than Misdreavus'; and if...
  7. Strikeout Tournament - Black/White edition (Round 1)

    Well, Heist bitch-slapped me up and down the server for even supposing that I could best him... No but seriously, gg man. I still have much to learn.
  8. Barebones Round 2

    I know the coin flip already determined that Ojama wins; but we just battled and I lost. So, gg.
  9. (owT dnuoR) II tnemanruoT esreveR ehT

    So I was totally not ready for playing like this, and I won!! Which means I lost... gg though.
  10. (owT dnuoR) II tnemanruoT esreveR ehT

    I feel kinda bad about winning by default like that... Anyways, contacted tophway, awaiting reply. EDIT: We are on track to play sometime today, June the 2nd.
  11. Black and White UU Tournament - Round 1

    Lost to HBK after scheduling hell. GG.
  12. Strikeout Tournament - Black/White edition (Round 1)

    VM'ed Heist, awaiting reply.
  13. Barebones Round 2

    I VM'ed Ojama while he was online if we could battle for our round, and there was no reply. He told me he's had family and school issues, which I understand, but...*shrug*
  14. (enO dnuoR) II tnemanruoT esreveR ehT

    Still haven't heard anything from Aqualouis? There were a few times he told me he'd get his team in; other than that, I've heard nothing...