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    Project Monotype Teambuilding Workshop V2

    Thanks, my man
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    Project Monotype Teambuilding Workshop V2

    I'm requesting a Poison team based on Salazzle Salazzle @ Life Orb Ability: Corrosion EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature - Nasty Plot - Fire Blast - Sludge Wave - Hidden Power Ground Salazzle is a great special sweeper and the Poison's best answer to Steel. I've been having trouble...
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    Resource USUM PU Viability Rankings

    Crabominable C+ to B-: I've been doing some testing and Crabominable is a beast under trick room, capable of destroying balanced teams and turning the the tide in a instant. Ice/Fighting is a great STAB combination, and isn't resisted by anything in the tier save Quilfish who gets wrecked by EQ...
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    Project RU Teambuilding Factory - The Return (Now on USM!)

    Requesting a team built around Necrozma. Necrozma is a very interesting pokemon which acquired some nifty new tricks thanks to USM. Necrozma can be a myriad of things, Calm Mind sweeper, Stealth Rocks setter, Special sweeper, you name it! Would be very interested in seeing a team built around...
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    NU Bazaar: Post your teams here!

    The Curse Hitmonlee team and Dodrio team have the same link. Thought you should know :)
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    Project USM TEAMBUILDING: Week 17: Golisopod

    Over Ace