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  1. Season 5 Farm League - Sign-ups!

    Name: (Gotei) Zabimaru Tier: XY OU
  2. Monomo #2 (Sign Ups)

    sounds like fun
  3. Do not make new forum accounts (Get your name changed)

    hey could you please change my name to Gotei(13) Zabimaru thanks
  4. Season 4 (Week 5 [RBY #2]) Won by peter_pan

    sure, but ill be using Gotei(13) Zabimaru if thats ok
  5. Season 2 (Week 1 [ADV #1]) Won by Giga Punch

    im in Gotei(13) Zabimaru
  6. Who's The Real Blaine R.1

    yeah, i got rocked, lol my magmar used metronome and exploded while his moltres was in the air xD
  7. Who's The Real Blaine? (RBY Tourney)

    Gotei(13) Zabimaru. in.