[420:69] Bottered Toast was resurrected and crowned global Memelord By Bottered Toast

[11:55] #Hack Guy: useless country can't even kill emus smh

[21:48] * @Bottered Toast /me chomp on Mah Feels
[21:48] Mah Feels: O_O
[21:48] @Bottered Toast: tastes like failure
[21:48] Mah Feels: Well youre not wrong

[14:38] %Bottered Toast: STOP
[14:38] %Bottered Toast: MUTING ME
[14:38] %Bottered Toast: YOU FUCKING PLEB

[14:38] @Drayen: Draw and show us your talent!

[14:18] %Bottered Toast: mod me Gyaratoast
[14:18] %Bottered Toast: let me ban

14:16] %Bottered Toast: can i abuse Gardevoir♥Gallade?
[14:16] Gardevoir♥Gallade: Bottered Toast u w0t
[14:16] %Bottered Toast: since im a driver
[14:17] * %Bottered Toast /me hits Gardevoir♥Gallade with my car
[14:17] * Gardevoir♥Gallade /me slaps Bottered Toast
[14:17] * %Bottered Toast /me reverses to hit again
[14:17] * Gardevoir♥Gallade /me dodge
[14:17] Gardevoir♥Gallade: s

[00:19:07] +CIRAN: ...shit
CIRAN was promoted to Room Driver by Hack Guy.

[14:32] TFR AFK: are you a better mod than luke?
[14:32] @Bottered Toast: yes i am

[17:18] @Mystic Rebel: /announce ITS ALL OGRE NOW

[17:19] %Lul Pokemanz: I was being an average black guy and making chicken
[17:19] %Lul Pokemanz: Then I heard snoop dog
[17:19] %Lul Pokemanz: And all shit was lost

[17:31] @Lul Pokemanz: CUrrently doing the Carlton
[17:31] @Lul Pokemanz: brb
[17:32] #Gyaratoast: pics or it didnt happen
[17:32] @Lul Pokemanz: Im trying to cook dammit Gyara XD

[17:41] @Lul Pokemanz: Toast what is this
[17:41] #Gyaratoast: this is what plays through my head 24/7
[17:42] @Lul Pokemanz: YEA TOAST

[17:44] @Lul Pokemanz: Thats how toast was made in the old days
[17:44] @Lul Pokemanz: Skillett + Botter = Gyaratoast

[17:45] @Lul Pokemanz: SHIT
[17:45] @Lul Pokemanz: THE CHICKEN
[17:45] @Lul Pokemanz: BB
[17:45] @Lul Pokemanz: BRB*

[19:15] @Drayen: Bottered toast
[19:15] %Bottered toast: ᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ Test donger, pls ignore ᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ

[17:47] @Lul Pokemanz: Music + Bomb chat = Crispy grilled chicken
[17:48] @Lul Pokemanz: It's crispy
[17:48] @Lul Pokemanz: Still delicious

[19:16] @Mystic Rebel: Bottered toast sucks
[19:17] #Gyaratoast: ur making it excited

[19:44] +Bottered Toast: can i post memes?

[20:13] #Gyaratoast: did you have lots of fahn?
[20:13] @TheFourthReplica: ~~subroom of wifi; fun is banned~~

[20:34] * @TheFourthReplica /me smashes

[23:00] CheeseMan195x: Bottered Toast will you finally be my fren
[23:03] @Bottered Toast: **FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK**

[23:09] mzfocyu: .nick mzfoxg
[23:09] mzfocyu: omg

[23:14] %Cush: is bottered still mod?
[23:14] #Gyaratoast: no its a voice
[23:14] %Cush: ok
[23:15] +Bottered Toast: ༼ ಠل͟ಠ༽ LORD DONGNOME WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS ༼ ಠل͟ಠ༽

[23:23] Bottered Toast: Can u like take ur head out of your ass for a second and mod me?


[01:16] @Mystic Rebel: Do your worst
[01:16] @mzfoxy: mystic wanted to draw
[01:16] #GYARATOAST: !randpoke geomancy
[01:16] @Mystic Rebel: FUCK
[01:16] @Mystic Rebel: RIGGED AF
[01:16] #GYARATOAST: [01:16:19] @Mystic Rebel: Do your worst

[01:41] @CheeseMan195x: !learn beheeyem, steel wing
[01:41] @CheeseMan195x: expect that in my picture

[02:17] %Lul Pokemanz: I must sleep
[02:17] %Lul Pokemanz: Stop sending DANK MEMES

[02:22] %banded blunt: oh god
[02:22] %banded blunt: thats like opening a wormhole from hell into showdown

[15:06] Cush: rip
[15:06] Cush: reg
[15:06] Cush: ;;
[15:06] %Cush: ty

[15:06] @Aggwyn: you get promoted and YOU get promoted
[15:06] @Aggwyn: toast is being oprah

[15:15] +Ishydsquishy: Minnow loves WWE he wont shut up about ir
[15:15] +Ishydsquishy: it

[15:16] %Cush: i need
[15:17] %Cush: global imo
[15:17] @Minnow: no

[15:17] @ImperialLuxx☆: -test-
[15:17] %Bottered Toast: GET OUT MODERINO! °□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

[15:19] #gyaratoast: .kill Bottered Toast
[15:19] %Bottered Toast: you'll hear from my lawyer
[15:19] * %Bottered Toast /me dies

[15:21] @ImperialLuxx☆: Memes are love, memes are life
[15:21] @ImperialLuxx☆: Oh wait thats another meme
[15:21] #gyaratoast: ImperialLuxx☆ = cranham


[17:33] @TheFourthReplica: wb
[17:33] @TheFourthReplica: hope your away time was smashing

[17:34] #gyaratoast: DRAYEN YOU GOD

[17:37] @TheFourthReplica: Draw and show us your talent!
[17:37] @TheFourthReplica: Draw and show us your talent!
[17:38] @TheFourthReplica: oh that's what that does

[18:21] %BOTTERED TOAST: ░ ∗ ◕ ں ◕ ∗ ░
[18:21] %BOTTERED TOAST: am i cute yet?
[18:25] @mzfoxy: ew
[18:25] @mzfoxy: why was it being nice lol

[19:25] @specs blunt: last time i played a round robin
[19:25] @specs blunt: was yugioh

[21:01] %CollectorTogami: You could say... Toast is driven to have a lot of drivers
[21:01] %CollectorTogami: Ba dum tss
[21:01] #gyaratoast ♥: im drunk asf
[21:01] #gyaratoast ♥: i need them all

[21:01] YukiXenon: gyys
[21:01] YukiXenon: i is
[21:01] YukiXenon: a Chinese bear
[21:02] #gyaratoast ♥: /announce mute YukiXenon for mod

[21:02] @specs blunt: wouldve muted faster
[21:02] @specs blunt: bud drunk
[21:02] @specs blunt: im a good mod

[21:04] @specs blunt: fun button is denied
[21:04] @specs blunt: i give up

[00:13] +Jellal Fernnandes: my anus is bleeding
[00:13] @Minnow: wtf
[00:13] @mzfoxy: tf
[00:13] @Minnow: tmi

[02:05] @mzfoxy: i'll leave you two love birds alone
[02:05] #gyaratoast: with 4 other people lol

[14:12] @Bottered Toast: Greetings, pathetic humans. I am your god. Bow down to me

[14:21] #Gyaratoast: if the pun wasnt so on point i would have named it aspire bot

[14:26] %Bottered Toast: Bride HACKS
[14:26] %Bottered Toast: I CAN CONFRIM

[14:36] #Gyaratoast: .kill Bottered Toast
[14:36] %Bottered Toast: YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LAST OF ME
[14:36] * %Bottered Toast /me dies

[14:54] @British Gangster: The guy sucked
[14:54] @British Gangster: and swallowed
[14:55] #Gyaratoast: O_O
[14:56] @Drayen: Not the right time to come here..

[21:28] +Pretty.Odd: ~~I'm totally __supposed__ to be a mod~~
[21:28] @TheFourthReplica: well
[21:28] +Lul Pokemanz: LEL
[21:28] @TheFourthReplica: __voice__ your complaint to gyaratoast

[21:28] +Pretty.Odd: Well, if it helps, I'm not actually a female called Spaghetti
[21:28] +Pretty.Odd: In case anyone was wondering
[21:28] @Aggwyn: that's a relief

[21:38] * #Gyaratoast /me adds salt to my salt platter

[21:43] @MzFoxy: you remind of me cran
[21:43] #Gyaratoast: bc of the #
[21:43] #Gyaratoast: right?

[13:02:37] dYLLI: boring rednecks i suppose wont change
[13:02:50] Gyaratoast: >redneck
[13:03:00] Gyaratoast: just bc my username is red
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