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    Math is better than physics though

    Math is better than physics though
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    x = 0

    x = 0
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    BH BH7 Suspect Poll 7: Sleep [Sleep Clause Selected]

    191/197 about equals 97%, so I should be good. Option 1.
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    M&M Mix and Mega Fall Seasonal: Round 2

    I'm dropping out of the tournament.
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    Metagame Typemons

    You only get to run each move once, so I guess if you're running 3 physical electric moves for some reason, it's definitely your best options. Plus all the reasons Semako said.
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    Metagame Typemons

    Oh hey, discussion! Sets that give Celesteela access to recovery are always terrifying for obvious reasons. Do you have any particular reason for running the attack EV's or leech seed on that set?
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    BH BH7 Suspect Poll 6: Illusion [Suspected]

    1a. Suspect.
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    M&M Mix and Mega

    You don't even need that. All you have to do is switch a lot and eventually it'll die to PP.
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    Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament V - Cycle 1 Signups

    Forum name: Halliday Cycle 1 Alt: LT51NP Halliday Does my alt for Cycle 1 contain my forum name or a very similar variation/abbreviation of it as required by the rules?: yes
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    OM Ladder Achievements

    in as halliday la # where # is the alt I used, because I'm probably going through a lot of them. Also, nabbed Jack
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    That might work. I need to double check my work schedule.

    That might work. I need to double check my work schedule.
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    (OPEN) I will draw anything as a velociraptor / Falkneraptor's honktastic art!

    Tommy Wiseau Edit: people keep telling me that you said you wouldn't do real people, but do any of you seriously believe that Tommy Wiseau is real?