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a table, maybe
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Talk to me about your dining tables throughout your life.

If you talk to me about the domestic dining tables throughout your life, I agree to attempt to help you discover the psychic power of your tables and you will consent to allow our discussion to be used in my art piece. I am referring to dining tables that have been in the house(s) that you have lived in throughout your life.

[14:33:26] #HeaLnDeaL ): I'm a high level cleric who dual classed to be a lv 1 fighter so I could have weapon proficiency in wielding a lance
[14:33:53] %sunfished: huh, I wonder what rpg class I would be
[14:34:11] #HeaLnDeaL ): you'd be the fish class
[14:34:16] #HeaLnDeaL ): you'd taste delicious
[14:34:20] %sunfished: and I would dual wield shields
[14:34:27] %sunfished: but the shields are dinner plates

+cbrevan: kida falling asleep at my cimp
%HeaLnDeaL gets cbro off his computer and tucks him into bed, with his feather duster snuggling next to him

[20:46] #HeaLnDeaL: gday... I miss you. how much longer will you put me through this torment? was it something I said? something I did? though the sun always rises and sets, my heart will only plummet further every second I have to wait for your return.

[20:46] @cbrevan: !summon gay

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[02:03] Broken Phobias: heal its past your bedtime
Master Mewking left
[02:03] Very Sad HeaL: i'm too sad to go to sleep, momma
[02:03] +Art2D2: Goodnight Very Sad HeaL. c:
[02:03] Very Sad HeaL: NO MOMMA NO

[15:17] #HeaLnDeaL: ,choose close poll, don't close poll
[15:17] @sparkbot: don't close poll
[15:17] #HeaLnDeaL: :| the sealbot has spoken
[15:17] #HeaLnDeaL: are you sure sparkbot?
[15:18] #HeaLnDeaL: ,choose yes I'm sure you filthy scrub, actually I changed my mind close it
[15:18] @sparkbot: yes I'm sure you filthy scrub

[20:27] TheNapkinLord11: wanna make me voice?
[20:27] +HeaLnDeaL: no but jas does you should ask him
[20:28] TheNapkinLord11: okay thanks [20:28] TheNapkinLord11: username?
[20:28] +HeaLnDeaL: jas61292
[20:28] TheNapkinLord11: thanks
[20:28] TheNapkinLord11: not here :(
[20:29] +HeaLnDeaL: do /pm jas61292, please make me voice

[22:19] heartofgold: And I believe I am the oldest of all you gosh-darned kids
[22:19] @HeaLnDeaL: I have children
[22:19] %vulpix mayhem: O.O [22:19] @HeaLnDeaL: they are... you guys :']
[22:19] +EpicUmbreon29: C: [22:19] heartofgold: Awwwwwww
[22:19] %vulpix mayhem: ooo
[22:19] +Da Pizza Man: pay your child support then

[21:29] @Tadasuke: HeaL's a new user though. I heard he doesn't even post well in CAP. He's also a really mean moderator, I would watch out for him.
[21:30] %vulpix mayhem: he's a horrible cap poster
[21:33] @Tadasuke: Snobalt, wouldn't you agree that HeaL is a bad CAP poster?
[21:34] +Snobalt: he's the worst
[21:35] @Tadasuke: like don't mess around when he's in the room. he once shot me because I liked one of his posts

@HeaLnDeaL joined
[21:41] @Tadasuke: oh lord he's here, run

&sparktrain: but within a week, this project, I do it
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