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    Research The Most Buffed Pokémon Between Games: A Personal Research Project/Hobby

    Sneasel line (GSC to DPPt) :gs/sneasel: :rs/sneasel: GSC and RSE Although Sneasel does possess high Speed and decent Attack stat, it's all ruined by the fact that Dark- and Ice-type attacks were categorized as Special, which it wouldn't be hitting hard anytime soon by using these types with...
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    The Top 10 Titans of the Gen 7 DOU Metagame

    Tapu Lele
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    Tournament Partners in Crime Banhappy Tournament

    approved by drampa's grandpa and The Immortal Partners in Crime Banhappy Tournament Tired of Smeargle supporting its partner with a variety of moves? Sick of having your attack being lowered by Intimidate? Introducing Partners in Crime Banhappy Tournament! When signing up, every player can...
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    Pokemon Sword & Shield Discussion RD: 15/11/2019

    Doubles OU did see the rise of Stealth Rock, which might have to do with Kyurem, Zapdos, and Incineroar, though it's still rare in VGC. Max Starfall is a huge concern to most of them as Misty Terrain blocks status, which I imagine it would have been more common in Doubles.
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    Pokemon Sword & Shield Discussion RD: 15/11/2019

    Judging by the wording of it, G-Max Wildfire's effect may apply to its ally and itself if it loses its Fire-type as well. Unless Gigantamax Charizard has other boosted stats and I have a good reason to do so (like breaking sash), I would rather use Dynamax to set up harsh sunlight than using it.
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    OM Mashup Megathread

    Now, I'm going to take a look at any Pokemon that can substitute its role if I were to ban Chansey in STABmon Doubles. More specifically, Transform. :type null: While it doesn't have absurdly high HP like Chansey, its ability to hold Eviolite makes it useful for Transform. Porygon2 can be used...
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    Going to cover Dragon Dance users in Doubles as well as some Pokemon that caught my interest. :sm/gyarados: Gyarados might be one of the more fearsome Dynamax users in the format with Max Geyser setting rain, I could see it fitting on rain teams as it has the ability to reactive rain, which...
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    Famitsu has showcased some artwork for Galarian Ponyta. We don't know its type yet but Ponyta has a new ability called Pastel Veil, which prevents it and the ally from being poisoned, and can cure it if a Poisoned ally switches in. Unless Galarian Rapidash happens to be bulkier than its regular...
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    Now I shall be taking a look at promising Tailwind setter in Doubles. We don't know if Corviknight would learn Tailwind yet, so I won't be covering it as Corviknight might be one of those Flying-types that lacks it. :sm/mew: Mew will be one of the best supporters in the format with its...
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    Resource Doubles OU Team Bazaar 2.0

    :cresselia: :charizard-mega-y: :landorus-therian: :mew: :genesect: :tapu koko:
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    This Community is Toxic and the Mods Do Not Help.

    if you have an issue with toxic just use tapu fini simple as that