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    baddy bad

    baddy bad
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    CaP25W Prevos - Part 2 - Hidden Ability Poll

    Sticky Hold -> Poison Heal -> Poison Heal
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    Mega Mirrors (Slate 7 - Voting: Gengar, Glalie, Gyarados + Tiebreaker)

    Name of Pokemon: Audino Name of New Mega Stone [X or Y]: Audino Y New Mega's Type: Normal/Fire New Mega's Ability: Prankster New Mega's Stats: 103/ 80 (+20)/106 (+20) /110 (+50) /96 (+10) /50 New Moves (if any): Defog Flavor (Optional): Audino becomes a firefighter, I guess. Competitive...
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    SM Doubles OU Sweeper Garchomp + Support Latias

    Hello there, Kyonixx! The team definitely needs some improvement. Seeing as Garchomp and Mega Mawile doesn't come with Protect, most Pokemon should have Protect as it is a very crucial move in Doubles unless they are holding Choice items/ Assault Vest or they have a reliable recovery with bulk...
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    Metagame Partners in Crime

    Okay then, I have some noteworthy nominations for the viability thread. Kyurem-Black >Tier 1 Kyurem Black is easily one of the best Pokemon in my humble opinion. It provides powerful coverage and serves as a fantastic answer to teams that are reliant on abilities, especially type immunity ones...
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    Metagame Workshop

    Family Bond Metagame premise: If the team include an active Pokemon from the same evolution line in the team, the Pokemon can hit twice, with the second hit having 50% less power than the first one. This effect doesn't stack, meaning that using an Eeveelution team only allows hit two times...
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    OM Mashup Megathread

    Time for some AAA Doubles theories (because I'm bad at playing that oh wait that's me in a nutshell)! Zapdos @ Psychic Seed/ Misty Seed Ability: Prankster/ Unburden/ Shield Dust/ Filter/ Lightning Rod EVs: 244 HP/ 84 Def/ 76 SpA/ 104 SpD Modest Nature - Thunderbolt - Heat Wave/ Hidden Power Ice...
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    Metagame Workshop

    I already did that before as Prioritize, but with a different ruling on how moves gain priority by being equal to the required power or lower. lyd also did that here before.