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    mfw I wasn't in the shoutout, and GxK was. rofl. Here are some parting gifts: (All of these were gathered with the help of a "connection" I have)
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    Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

    I'm sorry if this has already been addressed or is intentional, but I felt it's worth mentioning. On teambuilding, if a Pokemon has no physical moves, it generally is given 0 Attack IVs. This is true for when moves like Seismic Toss or Foul Play is in the moveset, because the game realizes the...
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    OM The Anything Goes Open [Round 1]

    Won 2-0 against Squawkerz. GG, great game. Replays:
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    I know this isn't a glitch, but rather a way to enhance the gameplay of Showdown. Could we have a feature to decide which balls a Pokemon is in? That would ease prediction for something like whether the Rayquaza you're fighting is carrying a V-Create or not. I think it's unfair that a person...
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    Tournament There goes Anything Goes (Finals)

    I'm going to say "In" as a certain someone told me to join.
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    Other Metagames [AG] Equilibrium-A study of AG team archetypes

    Hi Sage! (Kappa) I do like the team but I disagree with the little bit in the beginning. Anybody can say "Hyper Offense is technically the best if it has the power to overpower other HO teams and consistently gain enough momentum to steamroll through Stall" or "Stall is technically the best if...
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    Pokémon Go | Lugia's Encore - SHINY OUT! And Frenzy Plant Venusaur for Community Day!

    Will there ever be a competitive moveset/strategy discussion? If there is going to be one, would you reckon it'd happen on this thread, or another thread altogether?
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    Anything Goes - Round 3

    Joshz said "Uh I won't be getting comp access in timr I don't think so I wont be able to play. Take the win sry" So I guess I win?
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    We have a the AG mini tour thing, when can we play? (Sorry for not asking sooner.)

    We have a the AG mini tour thing, when can we play? (Sorry for not asking sooner.)
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    Anything Goes - Round 1

    I won 1-0 against Matame. We've been having some difficulties fighting due to inconvenient time zones and Matame's computer crashing. We've managed to do one battle where I won. "Matame: Hey sry power cut off earlier, just take win" I'd assume that means I have a 2-0, and therefore I will...
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    Anything Goes - Signups

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    Anything Goes Resources

    I love that unaware joke, hilarious. Also, I also agree on this. I've used Regular Don many times (after seeing you use it) and I find it to almost always be more entertaining to play with, and usually just as effective or even more compared to it's primal counterpart. T-Wave + Lum has been...
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    I forgot to mention that your "There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand...

    I forgot to mention that your "There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, those who dont, and those who didnt expect this joke to be in base 3" is a hilarious joke.
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    Anything Goes Resources

    I believe Megazard said that a Pokemon's viability is measured by the Pokemon functioning at its best condition. In that way, Giratina has close to no viability in AG or Ubers. Pokemon that rely on Rest is usually terrible in 1v1. If it's just about how well Giratina does 1v1, it would probably...