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    Project heat

    Tyranitar needs to be saved for OU? Nah, just go Mild. :ss/Tyranitar: Tyranitar @ Life Orb Ability: Sand Stream EVs: 4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Mild Nature - Fire Blast - Heavy Slam - Dark Pulse - Ice Beam / Thunderbolt Specially based mixed Tyranitar with Heavy Slam Thanks to...
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    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion v4 (check out posts #483 and 484 for DLC1 info!)

    A secret spicy tech I tried on the ladder as yourself building pseudorain is Tailwind Pelipper ( with Twind over Roost in my case and Uturn over Defog). You only get 2-3 turns (if you toxic'd and get ko'd) of +2 speed, but if your opponent has only offensive checks to Dracovish lef - well its...
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    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion v4 (check out posts #483 and 484 for DLC1 info!)

    Why is Specs superior to Life Orb? I always had success with LO over Specs on Toxtricity, especially since all its STABS(Electric, Poison and """Normal""") have immunities. Also I don't like the idea of Modest Toxtricity getting mauled by Adamant BrokVish. But if Modest is important feel free to...
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    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion v4 (check out posts #483 and 484 for DLC1 info!)

    People need to run more Ngas G-Weezing with Taunt. It not only denies Clefable's passive damage immunity (Sandstorm and Poison Damage and Clef suddenly isn't as scary) It also denies Regenerator if your faster Pokemon switches out into Weezing, while you predict Pex switching out into something...
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    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion v4 (check out posts #483 and 484 for DLC1 info!)

    Am I seriously reading that Teleport is considered broken? How many generations again did we always had access to WishPass or Wish Uturn which is functionally the same, since Gen 3 / Gen 4 for U-Turn? This is a joke right? It is obviously Clefable that's the problem (actually I rather suspect...
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    Project heat

    :ss/Hydreigon: Hydreigon @ Roseli Berry Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Nasty Plot - Dark Pulse - Belch - Dragon Pulse +2 252 SpA Hydreigon Belch vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Clefable: 392-462 (99.4 - 117.2%) -- 93.8% chance to OHKO Forcing...
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    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    Where do we post tested sets on ladder if we found some things to spice up ladder matches. In my case: Vacuum Wave Lucario and Belch Hydreigon is something I found success with.
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    Announcement np: SS OU Suspect Process, Round 3 - Iron Man

    I just want to add one thing about Melmetal and Dracovish: They are to easy to use, which doesn't seem competitive to me. For Melmetal, it is about having a check for pretty much every single physical mon in the entire metagame, similar to how Blissey was for special mons. The major difference...
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    Resource SS OU Viability Ranking Thread [Pre-DLC]

    I have to reinstate how amazing Neutralizing Gas as an ability is and that it doesn't matter much if you run Weezing or Galar Weezing: For example I run this set: Weezing @ Black Sludge Ability: Neutralizing Gas EVs: 4 SpA / 252 SpD / 252 Spe (not set in stone, basically the idea is to have...
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    Pokémon Gen 2 Coin Case Glitch Help

    The coin case glitch is researched best in Read and understand, it turns a wrongly placed TM (due to the coin case glitch) into a powerful RAM editor, including the DV of the Pokemon
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    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion v3 (Usage in post #251)

    On a note of hax being banworthy: We have banned Swagger and Sand Veil in the past - where is the major difference between this hax and other forms of it? ... Actually, why are hax items allowed in the first place? I just realized I can build teams with brightpowder as well, how is that fair? I...
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    Pokémon Movepool Oddities & Explanations

    Can people who post such things atleast provide a source? It would be interesting for anyone else to fish out weird moves such as Scald Raikou
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    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion v3 (Usage in post #251)

    The best check / counter for Venusaur and Sun in general is Kommo-O: Kommo-o @ Leftovers Ability: Bulletproof EVs: 252 HP / 172 SpD / 84 Spe Careful Nature - Dragon Tail - Stealth Rock - Body Press - Toxic I forgot what the Speed EV's were exactly for, but you use this utility...
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    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion v3 (Usage in post #251)

    I can't wait to try out Freeze Dry Normal Kyurem. The Musketeers are going to change the metagame a lot. I hate that toxic is back
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    On The Radar Vol. 2 [See Post #336]

    tl;dr We have multi-generational consensus about Arena Trap being uncompetitive, including this generation now. I have still not seen a good reason for Arena Trap to be saved for OU so far with inferior Mons while the Ban-Side provided plethora of arguments for its ban: - precedent in the past...