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    i know you said you werent available this week but you think youll be able to get our game in...

    i know you said you werent available this week but you think youll be able to get our game in this weekend?
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    I could probably play today if youre around

    I could probably play today if youre around
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    SM OU Mega Latias Offense

    Really cool team you have here. Looking at the 3 pokemon you're having issues with, I've decided upon 2 mons that have the needed bulk to deal with the threats, however are also offensive enough that you don't lose the whole identity of the team. The first one is Heatran>Katana. I chose a Sub...
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    SM OU No Complaints - Balanced Offense (Peaked 1700+)

    Thanks for the rate! Tangrowth>Amoonguss is a change i will have to test, as its main job for the team was walling Tapu Bulu and being able to shut down set up up sweepers with Clear Smog plus hp Fire and Spore are useful moves to have in a lot of situations. The ability to scout the Latis as...
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    Hardest Pokémon Battle

    From my experience, the hardest battle in pokemon is probably against Lance in HGSS. My team lacked a strong electric type or any electric moves in general to kill Gyarados, nor did i have an Ice Beam/Blizzard spammer for the Dragonites. Combine this with the fact that my team was severely under...
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    SM OU Hopefully good team

    Always nice to see new people getting into competitive mons! Breloom is extremely frail thanks to a combination of low defensive stats and typing, making it difficult to stall out much of anything. An offensive set would benefit you much more here. Breloom @ Life Orb Ability: Technician EVs...
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    Pokemon designs that were ruined by 3D models

    Togekiss's 3d sprite really annoys me, from the coloration to the lack of red and blue triangles/curvature on its wings. Not to mention its poorly shaped and the back sprite looks awful
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    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    Don't know if this has already been mentioned but it annoys me that they have made legendary mons so easy to catch. They are supposed to be the gods of the pokemon games, and yet in ORAS you can catch Kyogre/Groudon/Deoxys with a couple ultra balls quite easily. In FR/LG i would knock Zapdos...
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    SM OU Shedinja team

    Very interesting team you have here. Its hard to say how successful a team like this would be without actually playing it, but you definitely have a lot of good components here that work together well. Because the team is focused around removing Shedninja's threats it is difficult for me to...
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    SM OU Mega Mawile Bulky Offense (First RMT)

    Pretty solid team here man. Not really much wrong with it but i do have some options for you to think about. Ice Beam>Volturn Mew allows you to better deal with Landorus-T, who may be a problem if it is any one of the Z-move variants. I understand this may not be the most appealing change due...
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    SM OU Defensive Hazards with Late Sweepers!

    Very cool team, I love playing with bulky but surprisingly offensive teams such as this one. That being said, you don't have a great answer to Mega Lopunny/Medicham, and Landorus-T is a very dangerous check to use due to the chance that your opponent predicts the switch and clicks ice punch...
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    SM OU No Complaints - Balanced Offense (Peaked 1700+)

    Appreciate you both pointing out the EV calc on Greninja, can't believe i never noticed i was calcing without protean lol. As for Magearna, I'm definitely interested in both Flash Cannon and Icium Z, and will be testing both to see if they work better than Electrium Z. Thanks for the rate!
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    SM OU Charizard X Balance

    Really cool team you have here, I love SFD cores and Toxapex is a great pick for almost any team. That being said, i don't necessarily agree with the decision to fill out the team with Tyranitar/Excadrill. The team as it is has realistically no switch in to Heatran except Toxapex, who loses to...