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  1. Good to see smogon!

    Hello, all: After reminiscing about some of my childhood games and how I spent most of my time growing up; pokemon/smogon first came to mind. I decided to take a stroll and it is great to see so many familiar faces and new faces. Some may remember me as "hk" but after 6+ years it is unlikely. I...
  2. How did you find Smogon?

    Well i first started to play pokemon when i was in 5th to 6th grade. I seen one of my friends with pokemon blue and i ask what Kind of game was that so he let me play. I found myself into the game so much that i had to buy my own game. I started with pokemon red. After that i started to like the...
  3. PokeRealm vs Smogon II (Cancelled)

    i will have to agree with mop above post
  4. Rusty Magneton Cup Round 3

    uh huh o well i guess i shouldn't had done my match yesterday as i was having the worse luck
  5. RBY Borderline Tournament (Round 4)

    yeah yeah yeah pokemon is gay or maybe is pokemon luck that is gay. Other than that gg
  6. Rusty Magneton Cup Round 3

    lost 4-0 to the worst luck in gsc i ever seen. Is pokemon so thats bound to happen i guess.Now is up to aeolus and skarm.
  7. Rusty Magneton Cup Round 3

    sure why not
  8. Advance Underused Alphabet Tournament (Round 1)

    i havent heard of my opponent anyways if he reads this i usually be on smogon after 9:00 pm east
  9. RBY Borderline Tournament (Round 3)

    ok just finished battling hansy and won 2-0 gg
  10. RBY Borderline Tournament (Round 3)

    i be on smogon all the time and i have never seen him so......
  11. Rusty Magneton Cup Round 2

    i beat goof 4-0 in a fast paced match with luck on both sides i guess gg