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    BH Balanced Hackmons

    Lame. Sticking with whats in the game in a meta that isn't even playable in game. Why reduce potential metagame variety just because GameFreak decided to limit the dex? Its one thing if this was a real meta, that is based directly on coded information, like OU, but it isn't, so why should this...
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    BH BH7 Suspect Poll 8: Species Clause vs Shell Smash [Read Post #52 re: Forme Clause][Suspect Shed Selected]

    I had the reqs before my last loss and quite frankly, I don't really feel like climbing again, so please don't force me to do it again. Personally, I want to do away with all meta morphing garbage that isn't imposter (the only borked shit that happens to be good for the meta) (41/54=75%). With...
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    BH BH7 Suspect #8: Contrary - Voter ID & Information

    FUCK CONTRARY! Voting ban, obviously.
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    Megas For All: V4! (Voting - Lickilicky, Togekiss, Dusknoir)

    Mega Empoleon Typing: Water/Steel Ability: Competitive New Moves: - Roost - King's Shield Stats: HP: 84 Atk: 84 --> 114 (+30) Def: 88 --> 118 (+30) SpA: 111 --> 141 (+30) SpD: 101 --> 111 (+10) Spe: 60 --> 60 Description: I'm not sure if this will make Empoleon too powerful, but Competitive...
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    Megas For All: V3! (Slate #4 VOTING; Check Post #170)

    Nidoking-Mega Item: Nidokingite Type: Ground/Poison --> Ground/Poison Stats: BST: 505--> 605 (+100) 81/102/77/85/75/85-- > 81/132 (+30)/70 (-7)/115 (+30)/112 (+32)/95 (+10) Ability: Poison Point/Rivalry/Sheer Force ---> Protean (I honestly think protean is significantly better than the rating...
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    Megas For All: V3! (Slate #4 VOTING; Check Post #170)

    Hey Peef, I think you should increase the slate to like at least 3 (optimally 5) mons or more. There are too many mons to vote for only two each week.
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    Megas For All: V3! (Slate #4 VOTING; Check Post #170)

    Mega Diggersby Darth Manaphy MegaFlareon OU Banned My Masquerain
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    Megas For All: V3! (Slate #4 VOTING; Check Post #170)

    Is that better? I removed e-speed, switched the stat spread around, and added refresh as an option for dealing with status affects.
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    Megas For All: V3! (Slate #4 VOTING; Check Post #170)

    Diggersby-Mega: Normal/Ground Run Away/Cheek Pouch/Huge Power---> Simple 85/56/77/50/77/101--->85/99 (+43)/94 (+17)/50/94 (+17)/101 (+23) (BST: 523 (+100)) New Moves: Refresh Appearance: In lieu of the general theme of megas appearing worse (flashier, more accurately) than their original forms...
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    Eh. My bad on the whole redundant thing. I know what it means but I suppose I used it incorrectly. More on topic, it's nice to know some one agrees with me that Metagross should get Shift Gear. AIt would be awesome if this transcended its theorymon status and became an actual meta game.
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    I think you should add Shift Gear to Metagross. I know it would be kind of redundant because it has analytic but from the looks of it, Metagross doesn't look broken enough for this metagame. So would, you give my favorite hunk of metal that glorious boosting move.