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    Singles 3v3 Singles (BSS) Discussion

    Hello, it is Ika here coming back after a long hiatus to talk a bit about an archetype I've been messing around with on Pokemon Showdown for the Crowned Tundra expansion. I am talking about the obnoxious combination of dual screens and trick room to take advantage of the strengths of two new...
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    Online Competition Battle of Legends

    I'd assume Magearna will be extremely strong. Soul Heart is just an S tier ability in doubles, great base stats and amazing typing. I can only imagine dynamax makes it even better.
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    RBY RBY PL - Player Signups

    User: Ika Ika Musume TZ: GMT Tiers: All Activity: Ok
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    Drapion - Poison [QC 0/2] [GP 0/1]

    I'll drop the analysis so anyone else is free to pick it up, it is 5 months past written for pre isle armor meta and I've quit competitive mons and honestly I forgot about it so I don't think Im in tune enough with the meta to make commentary.
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    Gen 1 Smogon Staff vs The RBY Community

    I definitely agree with quite a lot being said here. I too believe it is true that some of these sites did/do, at least originally, aim to create a community for a scene that was neglected on Smogon outside of Smogon. I would also say that there definitely does exist some malice, for valid or...
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    Gen 1 Smogon Staff vs The RBY Community

    I feel that the criteria used was bad which is part of the reason why posts like this are being made. One can definitely point to examples of players who did not get onto the list such as Alpha Male Psyduck who are heavily entrenched into the RBY community but haven't played many of the Smogon...
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    Battle Spot Cinderace (QC 2/2) (GP 1/1)

    IkaToday at 12:59 PM is liechi actually going to be any good, those sorts of strategies seem a tad gimmicky because they are obvious (I mean you have to sub 3 times) and unlike last generation where you couldnt really break a sub and get faster (I guess char-x flame charge), max airstream is...
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    RBY Counter

    I'm perplexed by the argument though that Counter should be banned to stay true to Cartridge because I'm not sure that RBY OU is anything even slightly similar to the experience on Cartridge. For example, another thing that can cause a Desync on Cartridge that isn't replicated on Showdown is...
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    Tournament MPL VI - Player Sign-ups

    Name: Ika Ika Musume Metagames Played: Gen 5-8 but I main cheerleader Timezone: GMT Potential Activity Issues: N/A
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    Battle Spot Snorlax

    AM Check:
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    Singles 3v3 Singles (BSS) Discussion

    Overdrive hits Togekiss super effectively anyways, does more damage due to Punk Rock and is a far better Max Move since the base power of Max Ooze is lower than other Max Moves.
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    Drapion - Poison [QC 0/2] [GP 0/1]

    Ive added the changes above
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    Drapion - Poison [QC 0/2] [GP 0/1]

    Notes: Im unsure whether to add a scarf set here, Drapion can offensively revenge kill pokemon such as Gardevoir with its decent base 95 speed and it is a viable set though faces a lot of competition with gengar in this regard. General vague other options include Toxic and EQ. I guess you can...
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    Drapion - Poison [QC 0/2] [GP 0/1]

    [SET] name: Defensive (Poison) move 1: Knock Off move 2: Poison Jab move 3: Taunt move 4: Toxic Spikes item: Black Sludge ability: Battle Armor nature: Careful evs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD [SET COMMENTS] Drapion is one of the two Pokemon on Poison teams to be immune to Psychic-type moves due...