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    Copyediting Sylveon (GP 0/1)

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    Online Competition Galar Beginnings

    Yes it does allow Baton Pass, it probably wont be the best team archetype for the event. Losing blaziken as a baton passer did hurt BP. If you want to use it nowadays I do suggest looking into Dubwool.
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    Singles 3v3 Singles (BSS) Discussion

    I thought I would note something of interest that I'm not sure everyone has picked up on in this generation so far and that is about the speed tiers and how they are different to USUM. I've posted a list in another thread on this forum of the speed tiers so if you are interested look there. I'm...
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    Quality Control Aegisash (QC 0/2)

    Id still probably mention Swords Dance, think it is probably valid enough to put in a set, especially when it comes to physical. Sometimes you can also see random stuff like Head Smash and Steel Beam on Aegislash (ive actually seen a specs aegislash just taking advantage of how stupidly hard it...
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    Quality Control Rotom-H (QC 0/2)

    It should be noted you can use Passho Berry to bait in opposing water attacks, especially from Gyarados and then hit them with Tbolt/Volt Switch.
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    Quality Control Togekiss (QC 0/2)

    As I have said for other WP sets posted here, I think there is likely a custom EV spread you are wanting to use to live certain hits. Max Steelspike from Corviknight Specs Volt Switch from Rotom Formes Iron Head from Jolly Excadrill Max Rockfall from TTar whilst dynamaxed Not necessarily...
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    WIP Tyranitar (QC 0/2)

    I think theres still quite a bit of work to go on this. Off the top of my head: 1. EV Spread - Most WP spreads that Ive seen are a lot on the bulkier side of things. 2. Different sets - Id say Sash is worth mentioning as a slash in all sets, but there should probably be a physical set and a...
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    Copyediting Hydreigon (GP 0/1)

    Just to add onto what Marilli has said above about Sub + Nasty Plot, generally these seem to be bulkier spreads on average, Ive even seen a few with leftovers. You can break through a lot of bulkier weaker stuff such as Toxapex with just Sub + Plot + Dark Pulse + Flash Cannon.
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    Quality Control Hawlucha (QC 0/2)

    I think Sharp Beak is a potential item in case you are using Life Orb Elsewhere. Asides from that, in terms of nature, I've talked a bit about this elsewhere but you can run adamant nature on pokemon around this speed tier for extra power as you are still outspeeding threats such as Haxorus...
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    Community Create-a-Team: SmashPass Polteageist

    As for me personally, I like quite a few of the nominations. I think that it's pretty inevitable that LO Mimikyu will be added some time or another and I think it is probably the most important overall sweeper and something that can run outside of SmashPass, but I think exploring other options...
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    Community Create-a-Team: SmashPass Polteageist

    Okay, I'll call the voting now, was waiting for Observious to change his post around. So we have options: Voting Round 2 has Started