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    STAB STABmons

    Thanks everyone for the survey responses! Here's the results below: TL;DR of the results -Metagame was rated a 7.35/10, with over half of the recipients rating it an 8 or higher. This is a bit lower than expected from conversations had throughout OMPL, but the rise in Final Gambit may have...
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    STAB Clefable [QC 1/2]

    Add Remove Comment Looks good! Only had a few notes. QC 1/2
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    Metagame Inheritance

    Heyo! Happy to say that Inheritance is Leader's Choice for July! Enjoy :)
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    Project Metagame Workshop (OM Submissions CLOSED) Following our schedule, OM Submissions are now closed for the remainder of the generation. Thank you everyone for submitting ideas throughout the generation! This thread will...
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    Resource Other Metagames Rules, General Information, & Announcements

    Following the schedule mentioned in this post, OM Submissions are now closed for the remainder of the generation. Thank you to everyone who submitted metagames this generation! We have one more OM pending in OM Submissions that will be in the main forum very shortly, so stay tuned for that as well!
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    OM of the Month: Archive

    Broken Record: 72 - 4 = 68 Legal Votes Category Swap: 72 - 6 = 66 Legal Votes In another very tight vote, Broken Record is July's OM of the Month! Congrats to Tranquility and everyone who supported it. Stay tuned for Leader's Choice!
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    it’s ribbiting

    it’s ribbiting
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    bro woke up at 5am for a taylor swift song and is calling people losers

    bro woke up at 5am for a taylor swift song and is calling people losers
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    Project OM Matchmaking - Week 53 - STAB Mudsdale

    :ss/jellicent: Jellicent @ Leftovers Ability: Water Absorb EVs: 252 HP / 116 Def / 140 Spe Bold Nature - Spirit Shackle - Taunt - Recover / Strength Sap - Scald Jellicent has had a recent surge in usage as a partner for Mudsdale due to its ability to hard stop Final Gambit Pokemon...
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    Suspect BH Suspect #7 - Nuzzle Following the suspect voting, Nuzzle remains unbanned from SS Balanced Hackmons! Thank you to everyone for participating.
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    Non-official SS Balanced Hackmons - Nuzzle Voting

    Eligible Voters: 40 Votes: 31 Nuzzle Ban: 13 (32.5%) Do Not Ban: 18 (45%) Haven't Voted Yet: 9 (22.5%) With 31/40 votes, Nuzzle cannot reach the 60% benchmark required for this ban. This means that Nuzzle remains unbanned from SS Balanced Hackmons. This thread will remain open for the...
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    Multi-gen 2v2 Doubles Premier League III - Player Signups

    Player Name: in the hills Tiers Played: SS, cant build and don’t know the meta too much Timezone: GMT-4 Any Foreseeable Inactivity: busy elsewhere so can’t commit much time to this but id be fine playing if i had to
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    Project Top 10 Titans of Generation 8 OM Metagames (AAA Submissions)

    It's time for our second metagame, Almost Any Ability! From June 26th to July 10th, you will nominate Pokemon that will be voted on for the top 10 most influential Pokemon throughout Gen 8 AAA. After that, you will all evaluate all the nominations and individually rank the Pokemon from 1-10 by...
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    Resource OM Analyses Reservation Thread [READ THE ANNOUNCEMENT]

    SS BH is currently not taking reservations due to a lack of interest from its QC team. Will update you if this changes, thanks