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August 23
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Infernape2018: Tired of Pelipper ruining your days For your viewing pleasure
Infernape2018: using Ferrothorn
+curiosity: can't confirm it tho because i'm not using the reg laptop
Infernape2018: and not doing jack shit?
ceraa ♪: this is what talah gave me
Skup ♫: so legit the same shit with a different mage set
using_namespace: yes Infernape2018 it is literally cancer to face
Infernape2018: well, I have the solution for you!
using_namespace: what is that
Infernape2018: think about it
+curiosity: i got given hp ice tang lol
ceraa ♪: oh i used it vs welli0u
using_namespace: Hahaha a thunderstruck ferro!
Infernape2018: Ferro has an ass 54 SpA
ceraa ♪: and i won w/ it
Infernape2018: but Pely has an ass 70
+curiosity: tbh we really shouldn't be spreading people's teams like this but w/e
Infernape2018: that's lower than Greninja
IaMbLuElOlOllOlOl: This is all i could do :/
SputnikGT: 0 SpA Ferrothorn Thunder vs. 248 HP / 224 SpD Pelipper: 200-236 (61.9 - 73%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock
SputnikGT: it doesnt even ohko unless u invest
Skup ♫: i actually built another team that was one mon off from a talah team by accident .-.
SputnikGT: and at that point why run ferro at all
IaMbLuElOlOllOlOl: idk how to put them in properlly
Skup ♫: i posted it in here to get feedback on it then someone sent me this talah post from ost of basically the same team
Infernape2018: because Pelipper is trash
Skup ♫: i was kinda miffed
Infernape2018: and Ferro is god
ceraa ♪: lol curiosity when i used the team in ost it had a different mon order fsr
ceraa ♪:
ceraa ♪: thats weird
Infernape2018: and if you do care,Z-Thunder rapes it
SputnikGT: pelipper is more god than ferro is
using_namespace: IaM u have to use the teambuilder export option and then copy and paste the text
ceraa ♪: idk but its just what i got given unless there r different variants of the team
+curiosity: you know what I finnd annoying
Infernape2018: 0 SpA Ferrothorn Gigavolt Havoc (185 BP) vs. 248 HP / 224 SpD Pelipper: 332-392 (102.7 - 121.3%) -- guaranteed OHKO
+curiosity: that knock zam will basically always win if you play well with it
Infernape2018: nevermore shall Swimpert sweep your team
Blazen͜͡ix: imagine making your garchomp shiny ceraa
ceraa ♪: i didn't make it shiny...
ceraa ♪: do you like the rachi nickname blaze
Infernape2018: or ash-gren will flinch your fat ass to death
Blazen͜͡ix: yes
using_namespace: lol Infernape that is funny as hell
Blazen͜͡ix: freest rocks of all time bro
@A: reminds me of
@A: z thunder acid spray ferrothorn
@A: to lure and beat toxapex 1v1
@A: lmao
ceraa ♪: free rocks bro idm we in dis
Blazen͜͡ix: ceraa u gotta say jk every time u click u turn
Infernape2018: Z-Thunder Ferrothorn is here
Infernape2018: (or you could just get rocks up lmao)