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  1. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    Looking for someone to tutor me to rng a wondercard pokemon PM me if you can please!
  2. Closed! For all my RNG abused and SR'd Pokémon, check my new thread.

    #158. Totodile OT: Gonzo | ID No.: 15349 | Gender: ♂ Nature: Adamant | Ability: Torrent | Type: Water Location: Faraway Place Hidden Power: N/A IV: 31/31/29/16/31/31 EV: UT | Level: 1 Moves: Leer | Ice Punch | Aqua Jet | Swords Dance Notes: Non-Redis CMT
  3. I can EV Train your Pokemon! Looking for flawless Cherish Ball Pokemon!

    Totadile Nature: Adamant Ability: Torrent IV's: 31/31/29/16/31/31 EV's: UT @ lvl 1 Moves: Aqua Jet,Ice Punch, Swords Dance, Leer CMT and good luck
  4. Go-Pokemon's Trades

    In response Azelf (ID - Fenix54 - 05296) (Genderless)(OT) Nature: Jolly Ability: Levitate Hidden Power: /// Location: Valor Cavern Date : Januar, 1. 2065 IVs: 31 HP | 29 Atk | 31 Def | 7 SpA | 31 SpD | 31 Spe Avaiable as UT Level 50 ----------------------------------------- (RNG Time Finder)
  5. Lawliett's Trade Thread--Can Poketransfer--NEWEST POKE: HP FIRE DW TANGELA

    Flawless Foreign Ditto (NN'd "Ditto" in a strange font) Language: Japanese Nature: I'll check later Full Redis CMT or a credit for it
  6. Ҭңɘ Sɧɨηұ Ғʅυϯє (Mods can lock)

    In respomse of your cmt Name: Riolu | Lucario Shiny lucario Nature: adamant Ivs: 31 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 31 |31 Evs: HP:4 | Attack:252 | Speed:252 Ability: steadfast OT: Lyra ID: 133969 Moves: bullet punch | extreme speed | close combat | swords dance
  7. The Breeding Grounds v2.0 - new and improved!

    Gastly♂ Lvl 1 Timid Levitate IVs: [31/31/31/31/31/31] (HP Dark 70) EVs: UT Moves: Lick, Shadow Ball, Disable, Explosion OT: Chris (28418) Nameable Fully Redistributable on Smogon CMT
  8. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    What do you recommend for me since I'm pretty new to it?
  9. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    Ok and i have my avg frame and delay but what does it mean by max and min?
  10. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    Ok but where is the egg iv section?
  11. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    How do i RNG breed a pokemon with 31 iv's in all?
  12. Wi-Fi Blacklist: as of January 30th, 2014

    I know im trying to report a ticket and i didnt know Pokemon ds games were out back then and rotom too! XD
  13. Wi-Fi Blacklist: as of January 30th, 2014

    I fought a guy who had a rotom with the date of Jan. 0 2000 Hacks right?
  14. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    Nope you have to do it again