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    Copyediting [GP 0/1] - Galarian Darmanitan

    AMGP Add Remove Conjecture
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    Tournament Almost Any Ability Change-Happy Tour [Won by longhiep341]

    Quick if all three of you agree to no bounce, this can still be saved longhiep341 Queenzz beauts !!!
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    AAA Almost Any Ability (Magic Bounce and Unburden Banned!)

    It's kind of funny that I'm here talking about why I want Magic Bounce banned after I wrote a whole essay explaining why mbounce sucks 2 years ago, but I think the meta has developed and changed enough over the course of all the DLCs and bans to actually get rid of it once and for all (Atha saw...
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    OMotM Nominations Archive

    Re-Evolution, Category Swap
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    Done Ability to create custom formats via a 'Format Builder' tool

    While it's essentially a temporary measure at most, in the meantime of waiting for this to get added to PS you can actually PM Lady Monita (SirDono's bot) .trm tp and do effectively what the OP is requesting--the stipulations being that you 1) still have to copy/paste the challenge code once...
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    Smogon Happenings -- post here for publicity (YES, YOU)

    Sign up to play in the Tours Plaza Premier IV! Every member of the winning team will receive $100!
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    Project Metagame Workshop (OM Submissions CLOSED)

    Yup! That's what the workshop is for, after all :]
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    Tournament OMPL X - FINALS - [Won by The Temper Tyrantrums!]

    Congrats to the Temper Tyrantrums on winning OMPL X! As a reward, they get a custom avatar. OM and drampa's grandpa PM the hosts with a custom avatar so we can get it to added to PS asap!
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    Metagame Re-Evolution [OM of the Month]

    You can now play this on PS main by adding the "Re-Evolution Mod" as a rule, and you can use /reevo [pokemon] to check a Pokemon's stats in the metagame! also re evo roomtour starting in like 10m via the OM room
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    Tournament OMPL X - Information and Administrative Thread

    Announcement: Tyrantrum/Maverick Tiebreaker The three metas for the tiebreaker will be Almost Any Ability, Anything Goes, and STABmons! Managers (Morgan IBM OM) please submit your lineups to Isaiah and UT by by June 20th at 12:00 PM GMT-4. We will post the matchups as soon as both lineups are in.
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    Tournament OMPL X - Information and Administrative Thread

    Announcement: Tyrantrums/Maverick Tiebreaker The Temper Tyrantrums and The Malding Mavericks have tied for their finals series. As a result, we will have a tiebreaker. Managers (OM drampa's grandpa Morgan IBM) please submit your picks for the tiebreaker metas to Isaiah and UT by June 20th at...
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    AAA Almost Any Ability (Magic Bounce and Unburden Banned!)

    I noticed that there seem to be several people in support of making AAA a Single Ability Clause [+ Poison Heal, perhaps?] metagame, with the main roadblock to that being "the gen is almost over; that's a really huge change to make; etc." Something interesting to try could be the council voting...