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    Pokémon Klefki

    Fairy Lock's text is oddly specific. It says that it locks down the battlefield to ensure no Pokemon can escape on the NEXT turn. Presumably, the NEXT turn only. It's like this thing was consciously designed for the purpose of throwing one up before dying to let the next thing (presumably a...
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    Battle Mechanics Research

    A friend and I got curious after seeing stealth rock clear all entry hazards on the field. We had a double battle and tried a few things with screens, and friendly fire. 8CGW-WWWW-WWWX-KNWD I suspected that your own screens would get reset if you defogged, but apparently it's only the foe's...
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    Battle Mechanics Research

    A friend and I discovered something by accident in a link battle, in which my klefki's use of Heal Block stopped his gogoat's horn leech cold. In other words, it worked like taunt. We ran another battle just to test the new mechanics (ending with leech seed), and also found out that, like...
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    I lol'd when I saw Drill Liner on the learnset of this thing. It sure is able and grateful to use it.
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    A Shanderaa subbing down to a salac berry, perhaps? I'm not entirely sure how it'd work (it probably can't for something locked into something that can't even damage you... although I guess if you wait patiently enough you can get your damage through struggle), but the +1 of a choice scarf...
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    R.I.P. Leads and Scouting

    I can see the skill coming out of picking apart someone's revealed team and anticipating their strategy... I'm going to miss the surprise element, though. Seeing as there are many, many pokemon now, there's also many, many possibilities as to what the other side can throw at you. If the...
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    103 speed makes it faster than Garchomp, and it's immune to the ground STAB too. The idea of somehow screwing over the uber of last generation with something so apparently innocent appeals to me. :P It'll probably die if it comes in on the wrong move, though...
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    Electra Ball: The Reverse Gyro Ball

    Hooray, a flavor-wise move that complements Electrode rather than clashing with it (lol Gyro Ball). Fun too that rotom gets it, since it might also be based on the whole "Ball Lightning" phenomenon. I think the appliance forms could find somewhere to put this move amongst their typical...