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    Gen 2 Bringing type spam to GSC OU (Sunny Day Hyper Offense)

    For the most part, yes! Leftovers is almost always far and away the best item choice. The most notable exceptions are Thick Club on Marowak, Miracleberry on Smeargle, and No Item on anything using Thief. This team is actually pretty unusual with its item choices, as only 4/6 have Leftovers!
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    Gen 2 Blissey (OU Revamp) [QC 2/2] [GP 0/2]

    Gave it another once-over. Seems good! Replying to points that seemed to warrant replies: " Blissey should not use it to try to wall Physical attackers without any other means to force them out." Ah yes this was pretty cryptic. I was concerned that "Snorlax can still crit you" being listed...
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    Gen 2 Blissey (OU Revamp) [QC 2/2] [GP 0/2]

    Hey offering a QC here. Mostly nitpicks, great work! I know you put a lot into this analysis, particularly in doing the legwork to test the non-Heal Bell variants. Granted, crit and freeze chances give Blissey a way to win, but Zapdos (particularly Sleep Talk Zapdos) is perfectly capable of...
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    Gen 2 Venusaur (QC 0/2) (GP 0/2) [WIP]

    The set on-site is indeed out of date. A Growth set (Growth | Sleep Powder | Giga Drain | Hidden Power Ice/Fire) should probably be the main set. It's currently relegated to Other Options. Given the proliferation (as I understand it) of defensive Venusaur on the ladder, a second set may well...
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    All Gens Past Gens Research Thread

    Ah, my bad. I had read "x2 resistance" as having two stacked resistances (so 1/4 damage), rather than a net resistance associated with a factor of 2 (i.e., 1/2 damage).
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    All Gens Past Gens Research Thread

    In RBY it is very much possible that a move does 0 damage (i.e., "misses"), as the damage is actually floored prior to applying weakness or resistance, and the floor (2) only accounts for a single resistance. I even recall being personally very salty about this on original hardware, as I wanted...
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    Gen 2 Rhydon (QC 2/2) (GP 0/2)

    Hey, I went through and did a more thorough check. Which means I made revisions and attached my suggested edits. Unfortunately it isn't a markup of the original, but rather just the revised version that I had written. I can't help myself so I pretty much rewrote everything (text-wise, but...
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    All Gens The "What If" Thread V2 - Topic #11: Heavy Duty Boots in DPP

    Everyone's favorite sleepy boy gets put on a timer. This radically alters the landscape of GSC. Both Lax and the Normal resists that check it become much less important in a more "woke" GSC. It's unclear, as with many things that hamper Snorlax's effectiveness, whether this actually makes...
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    HP Bar animations and their effect on HP precision

    Perhaps this is the most realistic solution of all, though, provided it's compatible with the battle timer. Make "HP depletion animation" an option, turn it off by default, and let the super-competitive folks who want *every* edge on gameday turn it on if they want. It seems clear that trying to...
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    I think I'd need to give it a more detailed QC check to feel comfortable with that. But I've...

    I think I'd need to give it a more detailed QC check to feel comfortable with that. But I've pretty much checked out of Smogon for quite a while now. I'll see if I can scrounge up a replacement QCer. Apologies for the wait.
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    Gen 2 Rhydon (QC 2/2) (GP 0/2)

    Seems good. A couple additional points: I think Starmie might be an especially important teammate to mention. Without spin support, Rhydon tends to get worn down pretty quickly, and Starmie is an especially reliable spinner to use alongside Rhydon. It seems extremely risky to suggest using...
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    Gen 2 Gen 2 PS Development - Post bugs here

    Apologies if this is a duplicate. In Gens 1 and 2, moves with 40 base PP are currently given 64 max PP on Showdown. However, due to how the PP up item works in these games, the maximum amount of PP these moves can have is actually 61. Gen 2 example (courtesy xJoelituh): Bulbapedia...
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    Gen 1 Question for Game Theory Experts

    I'll admit I didn't put much thought into "order of magnitude". I'll be unambiguous and say we have no reason to believe these numbers, per se, are pertinent to playing RBY. However, the process is relevant, particularly for navigating those so-called "50-50"s that pop up every now and again...
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    Gen 1 Question for Game Theory Experts

    Yes, we simplify a ton in this example, which we treat as a one-shot game with a fixed payoff matrix. In reality, Chansey could, for instance, wait for a game state that offers a particularly juicy (expected) payoff, or wait for a moment when the Lax player assigns an appropriately low...
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    Gen 2 Suicune (OU) [QC 1/2]

    I agree with Wenderz's comments (if they haven't already been implemented) and have one more thing to add: If Golem has taught me anything, it's that one should challenge the notion that two key moves (e.g., roar & rapid spin) are mutually exclusive. In Suicune's case, those two moves are Rest...