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  1. Eating Animals

  2. Hot Takes

    i feel personally attacked. was i ur best friend in elementary school or something
  3. Challenge emerald kaizo nuzlocke

    Brawley -- i end up losing meowth to May. that was annoying. Then i lose my dang weepinbel (which i expected to carry me through the fighting gym) to an aqua grunt on dewford. son of a bitch. i catch a machop in the grass and decide to raise it up with a ton of grinding in the whismur cave...
  4. Challenge emerald kaizo nuzlocke

    vs roxanne recap: team: lv 23 weepinbell (belly) - vine whip - acid - sweet scent - body slam lv 22 omanyte (lord helix) - bubblebeam - rock tomb - aurora beam - bite lv 18 meowth (thats right) - pay day - bite - swift - faint attack lv 22 combusken (forgot to nickname) - flame wheel -...
  5. Challenge emerald kaizo nuzlocke

    im gonna try this game out. ill stream it here: idk if this is even allowed here so delete if you want..or watch if you want.
  6. itt: movie/film discussion (spoilers lol)

    you forgot the lobster