[14:36:49] +KryptonGamer: odd to see Jasmine here
[14:37:01] ~Jasmine: Odd to see your girlfriend here. Unlike her, I exist.
[14:37:20] +Chaotic: Jasmine is savage

[15:36:00] @Kryppton: How are you global without knowing the formats x'D
[15:36:02] @Kryppton: You're cute
[15:36:13] %Don't Lose: Formats aren't important
[15:36:17] %Don't Lose: Except bold
[15:36:19] %Don't Lose: I know how to bold

[14:08:49] +CZ: Good thank Kry, got a job landed
[14:15:28] ThaMies: a job as what?
[14:18:37] #Quote: as a bitch

[20:42:36] Argon657: what time every saturday?
[20:42:57] Argon657: ET?
[20:43:06] %CobalionCouncil: phone home

[16:17:17] #Quote: omg kie
[16:17:20] #Quote: stop sucking up
[16:17:26] #Quote: that's not how you get gdriver
[16:17:51] @Implicitys: Yeah sucking up only gets you G+

[16:17:50] #Quote: have you even had a boyfriend
[16:17:52] #Quote: you basic bitch

[23:36:34] %NotInfernoMo: at camping a 13 year old liked me
[23:36:42] %NotInfernoMo: and my friends were like go for it u look 13

[19:11:01] #Quote: can I be a dad too
[19:11:04] #Quote: jk I don't want kids
[19:11:27] #cc: don't you have to have a gf before you can get kids? :x
[19:12:06] #Quote: nah
[19:12:19] #Quote: I can adopt or donate my sperm!

[19:53:33] T Snake: I played Emerald on an emulator and I found my new favorite thing
[19:53:49] @Aeonic: !rfaq piracy

ROM hacks and Emulators are strictly forbidden from discussion.
[19:54:11] T Snake: I played Emerald with a Game Shark in my GBA I have in person and I found my new favorite thing

[01:38:57] %Der-Hydras: !dt shedinja
[01:39:02] %Der-Hydras: the one true ogre check
[01:39:12] @Kie: idk about that Der-Hydras
[01:39:15] @Kie: !learn kyogre, hail

In Gen 7, Kyogre can learn Hail
[01:39:18] %Der-Hydras: oof

[01:16:59] GuiltyKoi: my crystal team was wack
GuiltyKoi: suicune, feraligatr, kingler, sudowoodo, jolteon, gyarados
@Kie: 7.8/10 too much water

☹bumbadadabum: you have to be really fucking awful to get a frown as your rank
☹bumbadadabum: means you're so bad you literally made the site frown

wpogatar: I have been eager to play soulsilver on a emulator on the pc for quite some time but i dont know how
@JediR: !rfaq piracy
Please do not discuss piracy or distribute pirated content here as it is illegal and violates the PS global rules. Emulators are allowed as they are not illegal on their own.
[15:21:05] wpogatar: so... hello friends =D who know how i can get a working NDS emulator on my pc

[04:24:20] +inactive ‿: Well, I'm not calm. I'm extremely angry and insulted by the disrespect I have been shown
[04:24:33] +inactive ‿: You will all feel my wrath.
[04:24:38] +inactive ‿: I promise you that.
[04:25:01] ADiWee: you are sounding like an anime character
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