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    Resource SS NU Viability Ranking Thread [ See post #27]

    Ya need replays, read da rules
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    Resource SS RU Viability Rankings (See Post #50!)

    I've been using unfezant to nice results and saving a couple replays, but if braviary drops unfezant isn't viable, even with higher speed, it's not high enough to matter, so maybe i'll post my replays later if i deem it worthy
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    Metagame NP: RU Stage 1 - I Lost Something in the Hills (Tier Shifts + Grassy Surge Rillaboom)

    Haha Steam Power Coalossal go zoom On a serious note, funny you didn't even mention all fire type's greatest counter, sure, it's not the most used mon, but with 2 incredible niches as a stealth rocker, if fire types get played more, coalossal will also be played more
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    Gen 2 [Outdated 2019 ver.] GSC NU Viability Ranking

    Regardless of how the tier plays, if it doesn't look cool it's hard to get people playing I was out of the game in general btw, back then
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    Gen 2 [Outdated 2019 ver.] GSC NU Viability Ranking

    Probably next time GSC NU comes up and there are enough players to establish a meta like the raichu meta had Then again, didn't play in the post raichu meta, idk how many people played, i assume less, tier seemed a lot less cool without raichu and feraligatr around
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    Gen 2 [Outdated 2019 ver.] GSC NU Viability Ranking

    Noms Agility passers (Ariados, Aipom, Ledian) to C+/B- The niche they offer is pretty great and they can steamroll teams: pair very well with belly drummers Golduck: B+ -> A- With Feraligatr gone, Golduck is by far the best Water type in the tier, and while it's nowhere near as good as gatr...
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    Gen 2 New GSC NU Discussion

    I fear that by banning feraligatr Dugtrio becomes a problem Rn i'd say it's easily the 4th, even 3rd best mon in the tier thanks to it's speed and thanks to a lot of raichus not running surf It's held back by being walled hard by sleeptalk feraligatr Now, without feraligatr, what blocks...
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    SPOILERS! Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon In-Game Tier List

    I never used them until an 8 pokecenter nuzlocke in pokemon blue where i allowed items in-battle: with jynx i sweeped the E4 with them
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    Resource Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer (NU Edition)

    No, not really The closes thing to hyper offense is the hail core (Vanilluxe, Auroros and Sandslash-A) and that's not common at all; the format is pretty much balance based with a bit of BO and Stall, HO is almost non-existent
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    Gen 2 New GSC NU Discussion

    Personal shitty VR and Set List
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    Gen 2 New GSC NU Discussion

    Working on an excel file with (alongside my personal tier list) all sets of the relevant mons; at least B+ and up, maybe B- and up
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    Gen 2 New GSC NU Discussion

    Also to note: Resttalk raichu can run hp ground as raichu stall wars happen most games, it does 41% at minimum Resttalk feraligatr (my fav set) can instead run HP grass, as it checks itself and golduck better while having a better dugtrio matchup than HP electric
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    Gen 2 New GSC NU Discussion

    There are many much better fightings in the tier like Primeape and Hitmonlee, as well as Hitmonchan and the oddball Poliwrath, currently machoke isn't even NU, it's PUBL You could use him but i don't see why you wouldn't use one of the above If you're thinking of a curselax of some sorts, the...