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    Tournament LCPL X - Week 1

    "If you want predicts do them yourself" -DVS Pakistani Phanpys (5) vs (3) Pancham Fam SS: Sjneider vs Shrug - Sjneider can't possibly prepare for every unmon in the game SS: PinkDragonTamer vs Meta - the meta sucks right now, surely this means Meta also sucks? SS: Evigaro vs Wail Wailord - one...
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    Multi-gen Retro Cup of Pokemon 2021: Signups

    Nation: Netherlands Tiers played: none Inactivity: None Requested Captain: baruk
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    Tournament Multirandom Team Tour - Signups

    Team Name: Small Brain Scorbunnies Player A: Kipkluif Player B: zeroouttathere
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    Gen 4 RoA Spotlight Tournament: DPP LC [Finals] Won in 2, ggs
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    GMT+2, wanna do your 3pm monday?

    GMT+2, wanna do your 3pm monday?
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    Tournament LCPL X - Player Signups

    Username: Kipkluif Timezone: GMT+2 Tiers played: LCUU Significant Time Missed?: no
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    LC LC Majors II - Stage 1 (Pools)

    Somehow won vs toastedbunzzz, houndour pool. Admittedly got a bit lucky.
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    Metagame Doubles Little Cup

    Alright now that I'm out of bracket I wanna highlight some mons that stood out to me. :scraggy: - The best intimidate+fake out user. Flexible speedtier for tailwind and trickroom alike, can cover for fairies (although it won't ohko Spritzee), and the main thing holding it back is that it doesn't...
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    Ready whenever

    Ready whenever
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    Sure lets aim for your 10pm

    Sure lets aim for your 10pm
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    Tournament Challenge Cup Cup - Finals won ggs
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    Im available all night

    Im available all night
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    Saturday your 3pm?

    Saturday your 3pm?
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    juguemos el próximo domingo 21:00

    juguemos el próximo domingo 21:00