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    Other Metagames Zeraora Balance -- Balanced Hackmons RMT (Peaked 1500+)

    DOUBLE REGI BALANCE: A BALANCED HACKMONS RMT INTRODUCTION Hello, raters! My name is larsos27, and you may know me from my recent run on the ladder under the alt Rock Star Elesa. I started playing Balanced Hackmons about a year ago, and have been playing it almost exclusively for the last two...
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    All Gens ROA Sample Teams Thread V2

    Hey all! I noticed while scrolling through the RBY OU samples that Slowbro isn't represented at all, which is absurd given its vast power and viability in the RBY metagame. So, here's my Slowbro Balance team. Specifically, this team uses Slowbro, Tauros and Alakazam to destroy defensive cores...